Ace of Pentacles – Meanings & Interpretation – Minor Arcana

Ace of Pentacles Meaning In A Tarot Reading

The Suit of Pentacles within the Minor Arcana represents the element of earth within the tarot. The Ace of Pentacles tarot card, like all Aces, represents beginnings.

In this case it symbolizes the beginning of a path that includes the manifestation of physical things, financial elements, and overall prosperity. Abundance is shown within, as well as the realization of life goals and a positive mindset about achieving your goals.

Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings – Upright


The Ace of Pentacles in the Minor Arcana of serves as a beacon to guide you to your goals. The beginnings are lit by its shining light, showing you the way to achieve your dreams and goals in the physical realm.

ace of pentaclesNew energy will be coming your way, sometimes in the form of an influx of cash to fuel your venture, sometimes as guidance to set the path to your goal.

Past Events:

The past few months have shown great progress and inspiration for you. You’ve been driving forward on the initial energy of the venture, and because of this you’ve had a great start on your way to achieving your goals.

Present Events:

If it hasn’t arrived already, be expecting an influx of support for the project you’re working on. It may come in the form of an influx of cash, or needed support from bureaucratic angles. Either way, there will be a solid foundation to help you pursue your ambitions.

Future Events:

Keep your head up and your eyes open, coming down the line are a series of opportunities that will clear the path to enable you to pursue your goals. They will let you make great strides to setting up a solid foundation to build on.

Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


The Ace of Pentacles inverted represents a need for caution in the road ahead. Your financial ventures may not be as stable as you think they are, and this is a warning against over investment.

ace of pentacles reversed

At its best it’s just bad luck, at its worst you could be looking at cases of corruption and greed. Either way, the path forward is unstable, proceed with caution.

Past Events:

You’ve been moving through a period of financial instability, and it’s been rather difficult. Everything you’ve tried to do to improve your situation has fallen through, and at best, you’ve been just barely getting by.

Present Events:

If you have any plans right now involving finances, hold off on them. It’s not a good time for new financial ventures, and the one you specifically have in mind isn’t as stable as it looks.

Future Events:

Take care, your financial situation is decidedly unstable. Not only unstable, but someone has their hand in it and is deliberately mismanaging your money.

It may be as simple as theft, or it could be malignant in nature. Watch your money carefully, identity theft could be going on.

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