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Introverted vs. Extroverted in Astrology

Introverted vs. Extroverted in Astrology

The element of water and its signs are seen as the introspective ones, while fire signs are supposed to be the extroverted ones. Air element falls between the extroverted to the introverted, while earth element falls between the introverted to the extroverted, you got that? The descriptions below are in tune with the social standards, where each element falls when interacting with people along with their peculiar traits.


All the elements have their way to communicate, and I am not talking just Mercurial here, it is about the general triplicity bottom line approach and how they are instigated to perform differently from each other where other people are involved, be it known or unknown. I will describe only the water and fire elements because they are really outsiders from each other in terms of opposites of Introverted vs. Extroverted quality.

Jung believed that when 2 persons interacting with one another, and one being extremely introverted and the other extroverted, there will be a point where their minds will clash it, especially when one is not conscious about the personality the person is. Water signs vs Fire signs are turbulent and exciting combination, but could end up by clashing each other whenever a fire starts… a fire. These kinds of temper are usually obvious in human behavior, that’s how the elements in astrology work its best, by pointing where you will be each.


1. Water Signs – The introverted

Water signs need space to conquer they own mind, otherwise, they may end up by giving up their own opinions and ideas to avoid criticism and being knocked down by not expressing themselves the way they desire, most of the time, it takes a long time in order for them to express firmly and properly, once they are slow thinkers and need feeling first before talking or taking action.

Of course, some will show much cleverness and quick reactions, and that said, water signs could also be social signs, but they are much more introspective than others. Water signs are much more receptive than others, they are open to receive people emotionally and want then to connect with them deeply and not superficially.


People with too much water, are prone to feel irritable at social gatherings, for they are people sensitive to their surroundings, especially if they are in someplace that is not known to then or repress then someway. Also, the mood is very special for them, as it is tuned with their driven force, how they feel is usually how they will react, and usually, a moody personality could be much more introverted than usual.


Water people are sensitive for the vibe people emit, some have this gift such stronger that one could feel the negative vibe from distances, and react over it immensely, giving space for an anti-social attitude to take place. Some are even disconnected from the reality, that giving too much attention to social encounters, one may feel outworn.

Cancer zodiac – drive life is private and feelings are the beginning of everything they do. In social encounters, the pale seems to surface like the rise of a full Moon.

If they aren’t feeling comfortable at a social gathering, they go into a shell, and when asked questions, they prefer to be direct and simple for the answer to be quick that satisfied the other so it could change conversations, a marvelous and easy manipulation. When talking to then in a private way, sometimes is better to wait for then to formulate long and slow words and phrases.

Scorpio zodiac – are driven by a powerful intuition from inside, are controlled, and analyze its very steps carefully so people don’t notice their tendency to go mysterious. The advantage of it, it is that people won’t even bother then when they go spy mode, Scorpio people put their invisible mask and go around the room, but they aren’t much action, so they prefer a dark place over the place to feel secure so people won’t notice it. When talking to them, don’t expect to hear total truth.


Pisces zodiac – they are what they want to be, everywhere, every place they walk in. Pisces is more silence type, but social ones. Once socially involved, they can be perceived as curious people, but they often tend to be too passive to the point they will agree with the other only to discourage further discussion. Creative and glamorous, Pisces have often seen ghosts around the party, whereas they are in the living room just seconds after seen downs]tairs walking alone with a glass of wine. When talking to then, expect then to say what you want to hear.

Leo zodiac – this sign wants to bright up the conversation, they shine when Leo touches, it has strong opinions and sometimes a little rough while discussion with the other, they tend to think they are right all the time, and that makes then very extroverted. While talking to them, expect them to not agree with you, but the conversation is exciting and makes you think how hard you must have your own ideas or others will choose it for you.

Sagittarius zodiac – the adventurous sign is much extroverted that will tell you and make you reflect over what has been said. They want to discuss opinions and are usually acceptable of ideas, once well reflected about it. They will explore the conversation and will lead it to another level, a higher level of understanding. While talking to these folks, expect confessions of personal life and higher truth of their beliefs.

3.  Qualities in only one Individual

Nevertheless, it is very wrong to say someone is only introverted by only one planet sign. One could be introverted (Sun in Cancer) in one area (house) of life, in the tenth house of career, while Mercury and Moon are conjunctions in a fire sign, Leo, in the 11th house.


The person would likely to be very passive in his career, but strongly motivated by emotions and usually what happened with his career and work arena he could be much more private while working in groups, the people would get benefits from him as he could show a more extroverted side and more socially involved while gathering people together and is proud about it as it also likes to be on stage in from of all these people. An example of this is in the book of Carl Jung:

“Gandhi, for example, at the same time he was ascetic (introverted) and a political leader (extroverted). An individual, any of a multitude could only be classified as a generic form.”

There isn’t a bad or good element, but the secret is using it consciously to conquer the sphere of experience needed to improve.

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