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Planetary Relationships

Planetary Relationships

The relationships between the planets in the sky at the time of your birth are the main reason for your personality. You have habits and desires based on these relationships in the sky by your birth date and most specifically by the time you were born. Every planet was in a certain sign and in a certain house.

Each planet carries with it a type of energy. Such as the sun is your vital force, your basic personality. Mar is your aggression and sexuality, Mercury is your mind, how you learn, teach and basically communicate. The signs are just How that energy of each of the planets is expressed and the house are Where that energy is released into your life.

Every planet may be in a different angle to one another. There are the common aspects such as the square, the trine, the sextile, the opposition, and the conjunction. There are many more aspects, but these ones are the basic common one.

Depending on what the aspect is, the planets involved could have a harmonious relationship, a challenging relationship, or give an opportunity to you they could work as a team to give stronger energy. Whichever place in the sky these planets are in; which ever house they occupy sheds light on the area of life that you have the most energy.

Some planets that do not get along could perhaps be placed in the same area of life. This will show that the individual with this placement will have much to overcome. Sometimes it could seem like a very strong part of their personality instead of it being an outside challenge.

Events could appear to happen to a person, or it could be that the person created such even based on the strength of their personality. The influence of the planets in relationship to each other, have a huge impact on the life of the individual.

In order to know yourself at a deeper level, it is wise to get to know the relationships of the planets. These relationships signify the relationship you have inside of yourself. You could discover that there is always anger and war in one part of your mind that combats with the love and harmony in another area of your life.

Becoming conscious of these effect upon yourself can help you to see more clearly and help you to change by predicting the outcome of your behavior in certain areas of life where you wish for great change.

Planetary Relationships

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