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How To Strengthen My Psychic Abilities?

How To Strengthen My Psychic Abilities?

It’s a question that comes to every psychic practitioner at some point in their career, how do I continue to strengthen and develop my abilities? It’s not a simple answer, but there are a few techniques I will provide that will provide you some assistance with this.

Regardless of your base psychic skills, there is one thing that will assist you with strengthening them, and that’s practice. While not tied to any muscle, it is still a habit that is tied to practice, repetition, and experience. How you practice is determined by the methods by which you utilize your psychic abilities.

Let us assume that you have the ability to locate missing objects. One way to practice this ability is to have someone hide an object in your house, and present you with a map of your house. You would then focus on that object, attempting to discern it’s location through your psychic gift.

You could make this a daily habit, occasionally challenging yourself by having your assistant find further places to hide it on days where they can take them out into the local town and hide them.

During these moments you want to keep track of what moon phase it is, what house the moon and sun are in, the time of day, and the other details of your surroundings. The subtlest thing can influence your ability to utilize your ability.

The color you’re wearing, the composition of the fabric in your clothing, the type of incense you’re burning, the use of music or the lack thereof.

What you need to do in these instances is keep track of all the environmental factors you reasonably can, and compare your results until you find out what materials and circumstances enhance your abilities.

This may sound like a lot of work, but keep in mind that these kinds of abilities were usually honed over years of apprenticeship in service to someone skilled in their use. Without orders to train us, we have to do the extra work to hone our abilities, often without any guidance at all. This requires a significant level of commitment.

To that end, you’ll need to analyze your particular style of psychic ability, keep a detailed journal of the environmental factors when it manifests or you attempt to utilize it, and utilize any method available to practice.

It is also important when pursuing the strengthening of our psychic abilities, to take proper care of our spiritual self. This means that daily meditation is also deeply important, preferably with a focus on our tools, even if that’s merely our own spirit. In addition we may call on our Spirit Guides, Familiars, Totemic animals, and utilize their ability to guide us in our growth through vision quests.

Remember that improving your psychic abilities is a life-long process, and it requires constant honing and revision to keep that focus. Your ability may never leave you, but know that the more time you spend focusing it, the greater ease you will find when you need to call on it.

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  1. Christina Ramirez

    I believe that I may be able to see the future. I have had a few instances where I have had dreams and then those dreams actually occur. My question is, how can I distinguish which dreams are the ones that will occur and which ones won’t? Also, how can I determine which psychic abilities I have?

    • By praying out loud to God. Then being still and listening. Say you start to read an online article or book, you’ll notice words you’re drawn to. Ads online with pictures. These are not coincidences. This is God’s way of communicating with you. Songs even will come on. Dig into the lyrics. You’ll even start singi6a song out of the blue. Research it. Wikipedia, song facts dot com. Watch the words you’re drawn to. Google “Spiritual meaning of xxxxxx” then “biblical meaning of xxxx” there are bird signs, animal signs, signs in general, license plates.

  2. Do you think anyone has the ability to develop psychic powers and intuition, or do you have to just be born psychic?

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