How To Cleanse Your House Of Negative Energy

Have you ever had the feeling that your house is just attracting negative energy? Like no matter what you do, the air just feels like bad luck or negativity? Your house might be the target of someone’s malicious intent, it might lie in a place where two Anima lines cross, or it might just plain be unlucky. Find out how to prevent your house from storing up bad energies.

No matter what the actual cause of your house’s run-in with bad luck or negativity, there are many ways to protect your living space from becoming too dark and unlucky. Here are two easy ways to cleanse your house and banish unwelcome presences.

Perform A Cleansing Ritual

The simplest cleansing ritual requires only a handful of sea salt and some white candles, one for each room that has a door. At midnight one night, preferably on the night of the full moon but any night other than the new moon will do, go into the room that is closest to the center of your house. Starting there, take a pinch of the sea salt and scatter it around the room’s perimeter (a tiny bit will do, and you can sweep it up later).

Salt is a universal cleansing agent, and will help to get rid of any static residual negative energy. Once the room has been circled with the salt, light the white candle and place it in the center of the room. Repeat this process for each room, making sure to end in the room that has your main entrance in it. Outside your front door, leave the rest of the salt in a small pile to one side of the walkway.

The salt purifies the rooms, and the candle makes the cleansing last longer by casting shadows of the good energy onto the walls. Let the candles burn for a few hours or until they burn out, whichever is shorter. Sweep up the salt and bury it in your garden or a park.

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Perform A Banishing Ritual

If your house has something bigger than just residual negative energy in it, you will need to banish it properly. Using your own intuition, feel around in your house until you find the room with the strongest feeling of negativity in it. That’s where you will perform the banishing. You will need a fresh twig from a still-living plant, a length of white string or ribbon, and some incense of your choice. If your tradition requires a circle, cast it in that room.

Light the incense, and while it burns for the first minute or so, repeat the following chant: “Power of air I have over thee. Power of fire I have over thee. Power of earth I have over thee. Power of water I have over thee.” When the incense’s smoke is strong and steady, hold the twig in the stream of smoke. The smoke will draw up whatever unwanted spiritual presence is in your house, and the living twig will absorb it as it tries to find a place to escape from the smoke.

Hold the twig in the smoke for a few minutes, until you can feel the presence in that room weaken or disappear. During that time, repeat the following: “You are unwelcome, spirit of the darkness. I command thee to go hence.” Once you are certain the spiritual presence is fully drawn up into the twig, wrap it tightly with the string or ribbon, from one end to the other and back. The more of the twig’s surface you can cover, the better.

Tie the twig tightly. While you wrap it, repeat the following: “I banish thee, fell spirit, from my home.” Once you have tied the twig completely, you can extinguish the incense or just let it burn out. Close your circle, and then immediately find a place to bury the twig in fresh earth.

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