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Neptune In Taurus

Neptune In Taurus: Significance and Meaning

Element And Quality: Earth & Fixed

Celebrities With Neptune In Taurus: Carl Jung, Stalin, F.D. Roosevelt, Mussolini, Ramanujan, George Patton, Helen Keller

Keywords for Neptune in Taurus: Practical, Obsessed, Dedicated, Determined, Meticulous, Instinctive, Materialistic

Neptune In Taurus: Personality Profile

In astrology, Taurus zodiac sign are known for their practical nature. But Neptune in Taurus can become a bit obsessed when they have a vision for creating something beautiful. Their true dedication and determination carries over into their inspirational moments, and they are unable to let things go until they have accomplished their goal.

Neptune represents illusions, dreams, spirituality, and creativity. Neptune in Taurus usually has things under control, but when they become inspired it’s difficult to pull them away from their dream. (Get Neptune planet symbolism).

They are meticulous in their planning and are masters at strategizing for maximum efficiency. They follow their instincts and take their time setting things up out of concern for completing their objective to the best of their ability. (Read more about the Taurus zodiac sign).

Neptune In Taurus. Neptune In Taurus Can Become A Bit Obsessed When They Have A Vision For Creating Something Beautiful.

Taurus Neptune Sign: Positive Traits

As an earth sign the Taurus Neptune sign people love material possessions, and offer trinkets of love and affection whenever they come across something they believe accurately reflects their feelings.

When they envision something, they see the most perfect and beautiful image. They have a great aesthetic eye. They utilize their artistic talents on every idea in order to create that perfect vision.

They aren’t afraid to show their romantic side because they are inspired by a beautiful partner or luscious lover. (Read about Taurus Sexuality).  In fact, they are most in-tune with nature when they are in love, for that’s when their soul feels the most free to be their true selves.

When they are uninhibited by outside forces they really shine, for they have the time and the resources to do things the way they think they should be done.

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Taurus Neptune Sign: Negative Traits

And while their conviction often allows them to complete their goal, it doesn’t always turn out exactly as planned. That’s why Neptune in Taurus can become depressed or confused at times. They don’t expect their plan to fail, ever. They can’t forget their appreciation for beauty and perfection. This also flows into their perception of romance, where they revel in the courtship of a relationship.

When others try to direct their flow they become angry and frustrated. And although Neptune in Taurus is very patient, they do have a breaking point as everyone else does. When they are pushed too far, you will see the temper of the bull emerge. (Get your Neptune or Spiritual Sign).

It’s best to give them space to pursue their dreams at their own pace, for that’s when they produce the best results. While others may see them as being lazy, those who know them best understand they are contemplating greatness.


The real gift of Neptune in Taurus is their ability to create a home wherever they are. They are most inspired in the environment they build, for they feel most comfortable there. As homebodies, they need that kind of constant fixture in their lives to keep them stable and happy. Their house is always beautifully decorated because of their impeccable taste, and it’s very welcoming toward guests.

As long as you don’t overstay that welcome, they will gladly host parties. They prefer to stay in, and hosting is the perfect opportunity for them to do just that but still socialize.

Neptune in Taurus astrology predicts that these people are quite charming, and they love good conversations. They have a way of making abstract concepts come to life in a natural manner that everyone can comprehend. Their ability to make beauty accessible to all is what makes them a spiritual person, even if they don’t realize it.

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