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What Is Reiki Healing & Energy?

Reiki – Concept & History

In the same way aura readings and healings involve energy so does Reiki healing. We hear a lot about Reiki Energy. But when we speak of Reiki healing what exactly do we mean? This article outlines Reiki energy and explains in lay person’s language how someone may be healed using Reiki energy therapy.

Before we go into how Reiki healing works lets explore more about the concept. Reiki Energy has its origin in Japan meaning higher intelligence (Rei) and non-physical energy (Ki). There are types of energy and Rei is the higher intelligence or spiritual guided energy. Energy or Ki flows through all living things whether they be people, animals or plants.

The practice of Reiki was introduced by a Buddhist-trained scholar called Mikao Usui, who lived in Japan,  in the period 1865-1926. Whilst a student, Mikao was noted as being highly intelligent and a hard-working student. He especially excelled in medicine, psychology as theologies of the world and fortune telling, not exactly your most traditional mix of school subjects!

When he became a young adult he married and traveled abroad, extensively drawing on Western knowledge and practices. However we hear he eventually became a Tendai Buddhist (Monk/Priest). This fit his early growing up years with having such a strong interest in theology, coming from a Buddhist-educated background.


Once he had attained the status of Tendai Buddhist he would go on meditation soujourns and fast for up to 21 days at a time. It was during one of those extreme periods of self-denial when he was in Mount Kurama (Horse Saddle Mountain) that he is believed to have been inspired on the concept of Reiki.

Many people believe he drew on his extensive knowledge of Chinese medicine, Eastern healing systems such as Chi Gong and Kiko, the Japanese equivalent of Chi Gong. Whatever the case he blended a number of different non-traditional healing systems, incorporating holistic healing medicine practices into what became known as Reiki.

In 1922 he opened his first Reiki clinic which offered spiritual teachings and healing at the same time.

Only the following year a massive earthquake hit on Sept 1, 1923 in the Tokyo and Yokohama districts of Japan. Mikao and his trained Reiki healers went to earthquake victims laying on their healing hands, making Reiki famous. The rest is history as many people now continue to benefit from this calming, energy restorative practice.

Reiki Healing Explained

It involves a qualified Reiki Energy healer either placing their hands in close proximity or on the body of the patient.

The practitioner is led to where they think blockages are, either placing hands just above the body or on the blocked energy is located. Apparently it is subconscious negative energy that the body part or organ is holding in that causes energy blockages or even physical ailments. Often times, the patient may feel a light surge of energy as the Ki from the practitioner transfers their energy to them, releasing the blocked negative energy from specific body parts.

According to Reiki experts what is happening is that the energy transferred is flowing to the blocked energy or unhealthy energy body organs, the negative energy the patient has is then washed away with new revitalising Ki energy and its functioning restored. Patients who have had Reiki healing report stress reduction, removal of aches and pains plus a general improved sense of well being.

The actual process of conducting Reiki healing is only for the skilled, trained practitioner but it can be learned by studying the craft, in much the same way as massage therapy is studied.

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