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Neptune In Aquarius Meaning: Self-Centered and Brilliant

Neptune In Aquarius Meaning: Spiritual Enlightenment

What does it mean when Neptune is in Aquarius? These people have a different way of tackling issues. Besides, you are born with greatness. God has made you great, but you have to work hard. Moreover, everything that you do will become great. Equally, when you commit yourself to everything that you do, then you will become successful.


Furthermore, Neptune in Aquarius luck indicates that you have an advantage in life because you are smart and creative. Besides, you can go beyond limits. Also, money is not evil, but the things that you do with money will make you evil. Equally, when you earn your blessings, make sure that you use your money wisely. On the other hand, you should be certain that you understand the reason why you are on the planet.


Neptune in Aquarius Natal Chart

Element And Quality: Air & Fixed

Celebrities With Neptune In Aquarius: Ramakrishna, Thomas Edison, Genghis Khan, Renoir, Monet, Mark Twain, Tchaikovsky

Positive Keywords: Creative, Dreamer, Trustworthy, Inspiring, Brilliant, Unusual

Negative Keywords: Detached, Aloof, Self-Centered, Disorganized, Scatterbrained


The Neptune In Aquarius: Personality


The Aquarius zodiac sign is known for being unconventional. So, Neptune in Aquarius can find inspiration wherever they go. Their creativity is endless and is only stifled when people insist on using conventional means to get things done. They work better by themselves as they have their way of doing things. Being creative is the act of understanding each other. Also, you accept competition because you want to grow.


Neptune in Aquarius Compatibility

In astrology, Neptune represents inspiration, dreams, creation, illusion, spiritual enlightenment, and self-awareness. (Click here to read about Neptune planet symbolism). This is why Neptune in Aquarius is always thinking of ways to better society. They tend to be dreamers when it comes to helping the world in general. Their goal is to right the wrongs of people who try to take advantage of the oppressed and fix the problems that others ignore.

Is Neptune in Aquarius Good or Bad?

It’s also a part of satisfying their enormous ego, which comes from being brilliant. Their minds are always working overtime, coming up with new ideas and theories to test. This is why they are also social beings. More so, your purpose and destiny are the key things that you need to focus on in your life. Equally, success is everything that everyone is longing for.


They need trusted people they can brainstorm with and bounce their ideas off of to see if they would work. However, they have to do the initial research on their own because their methods are seen as unusual to those who don’t know them well.

The Neptune In Aquarius

Neptune in Aquarius Astrology

Because of their interest in making the world a better place, Neptune in Aquarius is always looking for the next new gadget or practice to make things easier or more efficient. And when they don’t find the thing they are looking for, they attempt to create it. Besides, the world is going to be better because your battles will promote you to the next level. Equally, try to take a program that will teach you to do something great.

Neptune in Aquarius Marriage

Generally, Neptune in Aquarius woman states that there is no limit to whatever you will get in your life for taking care of your husband. More so, Neptune in Aquarius Man shows that every man has the responsibility to take care of their family because that is the only thing that matters. Equally, success comes when you work together as a family. On the other hand, every problem and dissatisfaction you face in life will not affect your life easily because you have someone who will support you.

Neptune in Aquarius Charisma

It’s often the lack of machinery or programs to help in their life that inspires them to build something on their own. And when they have the best idea that suits their needs, that’s when they bring it to the attention of their network for a peer review. After this stage, they figure out a way to make it happen. (Find the most suitable career for your star sign).

Some people see Neptune in Aquarius as detached or aloof, but don’t let their poker face fool you. They are always thinking and creating in their mind. That is the only thing that brings them complete happiness. They feel true spiritual enlightenment when they come up with a ground-breaking project. They don’t show any emotion because they are air signs.

Neptune in Aquarius Career

The Neptune in Aquarius sometimes meets resistance when they have a set plan that may not work for other people’s schedules. They rarely take other people into account, for they can be a bit self-centered when it comes to their ideas. Sometimes everything that you see as a problem is always your chance to do something great for your life. Equally, you have finished your course, and you have kept your faith although.

Neptune in Aquarius Wealth

Because it’s such a well-crafted theory, they expect people to fall in line with their plans. If they are to have a better success rate, they need to learn to respect other people’s time and restrictions. They can come off as disorganized or scatterbrained because no one knows what they’re doing except themselves.

Logic and reason are the backbones of their Neptune in Aquarius luck. So, they don’t register any emotion when inspiration hits. The only way to tell when they are excited about something is if they keep talking about the same idea with different people. Equally, try to focus on your real identity because no one will ever want to keep your style because you are different.


The Neptune in Aquarius sign people only spend their time and energy on things they feel are worthy of their efforts. Mundane details of life don’t interest them. Their responsibility toward knowledge and improvement is much greater than trivial day-to-day activities. Rules and regulations mean nothing to them, except as things to break. (Read more about the Aquarius man).

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