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Libra Aries Love Compatibility

Libra Aries Love Compatibility

How good or bad is the love compatibility between Libra and Aries emotionally, mentally, and sexually? Read on…

The Libra and Aries love compatibility is polar. Libra and Aries are directly opposite to each other in the zodiac. They are 180 degrees apart. They will each have qualities that the other one is lacking.


Libra will have a natural desire for balance. Because of this, they will have a very balanced relationship. This is the sun sign of partnership and Aries is the sign of self. Their differences do not end there. Librans are indecisive and they enjoy keeping the peace. They want a quiet, easy approach. Arians are spontaneous and enthusiastic. They will be ready to jump into something new and exciting. They can learn that their way is not necessarily the best way.

Libra and Aries in love will have an intense physical attraction that is common with zodiac signs that are opposite to each other. However, with the Libra and Aries relationship, when things are good they are very good. When they are bad, the relationship can be very difficult. Polar relationships will tend to have energies that can clash if there is not enough understanding.



Libra and Aries compatibility will be well balanced together. Libra is charismatic and sophisticated. They value balance in their relationship. They will do whatever they can to maintain it. Aries is impetuous but they can learn something about style from their partner. They are very decisive. Libra can learn to be more decisive from the Rams and how to rely on instincts to make decisions.

The planet Venus rules over Libra. The planet Mars rules over Aries.  Venus is about love. The planet Mars is about passion. Venus and Mars will work well together because they are two sides of one relationship. They are both universally recognized as being male and female. This relationship is a good balance of male and female energy. Venus is concerned with the beauty of romance. Mars is concerned with the passion of romance. They can have a very good connection.


Libra is an Air sign and Aries is a Fire sign. Air will fuel the fire and help it grow and spread. Aries can have a very positive effect on Libra’s development, beliefs, and advancement. They will be able to help Libra men and Libra women bring action to their ideas.

Libra and Aries soul mates might have issues working together at times. They will have to remember they are still opposites. Aries has a faster, bolder approach to projects. Libra has a more balanced, intelligent approach. Because of this, there might be some disagreement in the Libra Aries compatibility. However, they are both interested in a varied range of things. At the end of a long active day, Aries can easily come home with several stories to tell the more intellectual Libra.


Libra And Aries Love Compatibility – Positive

The best thing about Libra Aries love compatibility in a romantic relationship is the balance they have because of Venus and Mars. The balance between self and partnership in this relationship can give both a lot to learn. They will each provide the relationship with the qualities that the other is lacking. Because of this, the Libra Aries friendship should be very balanced.

Libra dating Aries in a romantic relationship will seem to be mirror images of each other. Libra will be gentle to Aries’ more fiery personality. They are intellectual and more passive. Aries is physical and more active.


The two zodiac signs of Libra and Aries in bed will almost always share a chemical and physical attraction. Opposite signs tend to have a magnetic attraction. They will find what they are lacking in each other. However, they will not like being reminded of what they are lacking by seeing these traits clearly in each other. Because of this, they might not have a successful relationship. Libra is soft and romantic. Aries is more fiery and intense. They will need to find a way to find a happy medium to make the Libra Aries sexual relationship successful.


Libra is ruled by Venus, symbolizing love. Aries is ruled by Mars symbolizing passion. They have a lot of potential to have an electric and fiery relationship. They will both be very loving and expressive towards each other. Also, they will see their differences the longer they are together. Libra will be able to help Aries grow, burn, and fulfill their potential.

However, Libra does not necessarily need Aries. They will have the emotional and intellectual power in their relationship. This Libra and Aries marriage will be successful based on the Libra’s terms. The Aries man or Aries woman is courageous and straightforward.

Libra Aries Compatibility – Negative

Aries born can be somewhat insensitive, self-absorbed, and gruff. Libra birthday people are emotional and delicate and will not be happy with this. They are going to tolerate it with their usual grace and charisma. They are diplomatic and they want a balanced relationship.

If the ram pushes too hard, Libra will likely get a dose of reality they do not want. Their relationship is a sort of balancing act. In this Libra and Aries compatibility, both will have different methods of making decisions in their everyday lives. Because of this, they might be more or less compatible as it will change.

Libra considers everything cautiously. They will want to rationalize every decision and choice they make. However, Aries is more likely to suddenly inform their lover that the decision has already been made or the action has already been taken. Because of this, they can easily disagree.


Libra and Aries are both Cardinal signs. They can both easily start things, but they will both have trouble finishing things. They will both start things that they have no intention of finishing whether it be a job, project, or even a relationship. The Aries male or female will seem to be the ones in control. They are energetic and willful by nature.

However, Libra will control the relationship from an intelligent direction. Both the Libra and Aries lovers will want to take control. Aries will sometimes use force and intimidation to get what they want. However, Libra will use charisma, but they might also use manipulation. The Libra Aries love compatibility can be successful only if they can compromise with each other.

Libra will be gracious and will find it easier to compromise than the Arian. Aries can be stubborn and will not want to give in to anyone. They see giving in as a sign of submission. Libra might have to give in to Aries’ demands more. They will be able to keep the peace leading to the breakup of the Libra and Aries love match. This is something Libra highly values. Read about Libra compatibility and Aries compatibility.

Libra And Aries Compatibility – Conclusion

Libra and Aries are both cardinal signs. This could help their zodiac compatibility. They will both be very active. Even though the relationship might have quirks, it will be moving forward and not stuck in the past. Neither will likely to hold a grudge.

Both Libra and Aries star signs will be likely to forgive and just move on. They will not take anything too seriously, even if Libra were to miss an important deadline or if Aries makes their own mistakes. Their ability to move on will be very important for their love compatibility.

Libra and Aries will have a successful relationship because of how much they will be able to learn from each other. Aries will learn how to be patient and gracious from Libra. Libra will learn to be decisive and brave. They will seem to pull in polar directions.

However, their middle ground will be sweet, caring, and loving. Libra will need to remember to not be too slow. Aries will need to remember to be kind. If they are both willing to tolerate a relationship that is not entirely smooth, Libra can show Aries how life can be.

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