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Cardinal Quality In Astrology

Astrology Qualities: Cardinal

In astrology, there are several different ways to group the zodiac signs. One way to group these twelve-star signs is by using the three qualities. These qualities are cardinal, fixed, and mutable. These three qualities help to group the zodiac signs into their levels of motivation and how they get projects done.


How they act in general also affects which quality group they are in. This article will discuss the cardinal signs, what makes a sign cardinal in the first place, and some other interesting cardinal sign symbolism and facts.

What Is A Cardinal Sign?

A cardinal sign is a sun sign that isn’t afraid to begin something new. These astrological signs are go-getters, to say the least. They are likely to start many projects. They won’t slack if they know that they have a deadline. However, these signs sometimes slack when they are working on a hobby.


These cardinal signs are also found at the beginning of the four seasons. This may just be a coincidence, but it is also interesting to think that a sign at the beginning of a season is much more active than one at the end or middle of a season. Overall, a cardinal zodiac sign is a beginning sign that isn’t afraid to begin a new project and have the energy to go through with it.


Cardinal Signs & Houses

Aries Star Sign

The first cardinal sign is Aries, making it the sign for the beginning of Spring. The cardinal signs are also often grouped into element groups as well, Aries being in the Fire element because this sign can inspire not only themselves but others too.


Aries people are generally energetic people. They want to get things done quickly. Some people may see this as just being impatient, but they see it as getting things done. They love to do new things and show others what they do. They always seem ready to go and are excited about the next new thing.

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer is the sun sign for the beginning of Summer. This sign also falls into the Water element group. This means that it is more emotional and creative than some of the other cardinal signs. Cancer personalities let their feelings lead the way. However, these feelings are often what motivates them to get things done. They may seem sensitive at times as well.

Libra Sun Sign

Libra is the sign for the beginning of Fall/Autumn. This sign falls into the air element. This means that they are full of new ideas and are great at conveying their ideas to others with their great social skills. The symbol for Libra is the scales.

This shows that Librans tend to be very balanced people. They like to begin new projects and continue with them in a balanced way. The Libra personality will take in the concerns of others to get a better look at what they are doing. Their great communication skills help greatly when starting new projects.

Capricorn Horoscope Sign

Capricorn is the cardinal sign for the beginning of Winter. Capricorn falls into the earth element. This means that they tend to be more stable when they are working on their goals when compared to the other cardinal signs. Capricorn people like to work on practical and realistic projects. While they may have far-out goals they will work on short-term things that they know can help them to advance. Capricorn aims to succeed, and their goals reflect this.

Fixed Houses

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