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Aries Man Personality Traits & Characteristics

Aries Man Personality Traits

You are an Aries if your birthday is between March 21st and April 20th. The Ram is the symbol for Aries, and just this fact explains a lot. The Aries man personality traits are that he is hard-headed and stubborn, but he is also determined to get what he wants. The average Aries man is very competitive.


 This may have shown in his younger years by playing sports seriously or joining many contests.


Aries Man Positive Personality Traits

The Aries man’s personality traits show that he loves a challenge. It’s just another way for him to prove himself. An Aries male will rarely turn down an opportunity, or even a bet. Competitive activities are some of the Aries man’s favorite.


Aries zodiac signs like to be active as well, so this is one large reason why so many Aries men are attracted to sports even if they are not on an official team.

An Aries man will enjoy watching a game on the television, but he will also enjoy playing a game against his friends as well. This can help to keep the Aries man healthy and in good spirits even as they get older.


The Arian wants to be the best; it’s as simple as that. He won’t stop at anything to get there. He may be a little stubborn in his approach as to how he gets to the top, however.

The Aries man’s personality characteristics show that he demands independence. He won’t stand for having someone else tell him what to do. The Aries man craves to be a leader. Whether it is in a simple group project or being the boss at work.

An Aries man will feel the most successful when other people are doing what he tells them to do. Nothing makes an Aries man happier than having power.


Aries Man Negative Personality Traits

Even though the Aries man can usually keep his self-confidence relatively high, he sometimes needs encouragement from his friends or partner to keep his ego as high as he likes it. When Aries fails at something they may get angry and their confidence may simply drop.

Although the Aries male will not admit that he needs help, he will feel much better when his friends take him out for a good time or if his partner presents him with a romantic gesture.

An Aries man loves a challenge so much that it is likely that he will make up his challenges throughout his lifetime. He may even try to compete against himself as well as with others.

An Aries man’s characteristics show he may regularly try to beat his old record at something, always be working towards the next promotion at work, or challenge himself to get the most desirable partner that he can find. The competitive spirit can both attract and push away friends and romantic interests.

An Aries guy won’t be bothered if friends and romance try to flee him because he is confident in his abilities to get them back.

Aries Man Love Personality Characteristics

An Aries man’s traits will make it hard for him to find a partner who understands him. The Aries man will likely have many flings and one-night stands before he can find someone whom he feels comfortable settling down with.

An Aries man’s personality traits show that he needs a partner who is just as competitive as he is, or else things will just get boring in the relationship. He also craves excitement in the relationship, so boring partners won’t do.

An Aries man’s lover needs to be able to keep his attention and keep him on his toes. He won’t like it if his love life becomes routine.

An Aries man’s traits show he will want nothing short of an adventure at first, but once he falls for his partner he is almost sure to settle down.

If you are trying to attract an Aries man, don’t worry; you won’t have to do all the work. Aries men love to chase their partners, as well as trying to impress their girlfriends with dates and gifts.

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