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Air Element In Astrology

Elements In Astrology: Air

There are said to be four general elements in astrology that make up the world around us. These elements are water, air, fire, and earth. All these elements are just as important as the others. Their qualities help to balance each other out and make something beautiful.


These elemental characteristics are not just used in a literal sense but in a symbolic sense. Astrologists also use these elements often.

This article will discuss the symbolism behind the air element in astrology and name the air signs. It will also discuss the general reaction when an air zodiac sign and another elemental sign get together.


Air Element Symbolism In Astrology

Air can be seen as the air humans need to breathe, or it can also be seen as the wind. Because of its double meaning, there is some different symbolism within the air element. Air can be seen as a symbol of life because of how we depend on it to live. Air can also symbolize the invisible faith.


We cannot see air, but we need it. We cannot see a god, but many people believe that one exists. Air is clean and pure, symbolized by both of these qualities. When the air element is defined as being the wind it can symbolize movement and activity. Communication and wisdom can also be symbolized by this moving air. Unlike Earth, the air element is anything but passive if thought of in the wind sense.


Air Zodiac Signs

Because there are twelve different zodiac signs and four different elements, each element has three sun signs in its group. The star signs in the air group are said to be more closely related to the symbolic meanings of air rather than any of the other three elements. The signs in the air group are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.


How Air Signs Interact with Other Elemental Signs

Air and Water Element Characteristics

Air and water together make a mutually beneficial team. These elemental sign types are great at helping each other out with their feelings and helping each other accomplish some of their goals. They are likely to get along well most of the time. They can have a deep bond with each other on a personal level. They may not get much business done together though.

Air and Fire Element Symbolic Meaning

Air and fire together also can help each other grow. Fire is a highly creative sign and air can help to give fire signs the motivation that they need to get what they want to do done. Fire is all over the place in their thoughts, and air signs can help to organize them. However, they need to try to not be possessive, to smother the fire signs.

Air and Earth Element Personality

When air and earth signs get together they tend to balance each other out more than anything else. Earth is nearly always focused, and air helps to lift them and show them that there is more to life than just focus. Earth can also help to make the air feel more focused and help them to get more of these goals done. These two horoscope sign types can help each other out greatly, they just need to try not to annoy each other too much with their differences.

Air and Air Element Astrology

Two air signs are better than one! When two air signs get together they are bound to have a great time together. They can share each other’s goals and dreams. They can understand each other better than the other elemental types would be able to. Together they are likely to make the best of friends.

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