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Libra Sexuality Personality Traits

Libra Sexuality Personality Traits

Beauty, Harmony, Balance. These are the important qualities that mark Libra sexuality. They embody those qualities, and expect them in their lovers. While they are good to find in anyone, the Libran may look so hard to find them in others, they may see what is not there.

The Scales are the symbols most associated with Librans. It shows how important balance is to those born underneath the Zodiac sign. It is also the perfect symbol for Libra sexuality. When looking for love, the Libran is looking for a calming experience.

The Libra does not yearn for the emotional ride that may lead to motion sickness, or a sexual onslaught that will leave him or her in a puddle of exhaustion. In love, the Libran is relaxed, fulfilled, and carefree.

Picture a couple in a rowboat, drifting along in a pond. That is how love feels for a Libra. Small idiosyncrasies of the Libra’s lover go unnoticed. The Libra man prefers to focus on the big picture, and that can cause problems. By overlooking the faults of a lover, Librans can find themselves lost in a relationship that should have ended months ago.

Part of the problem is Librans despise confrontation. It goes against their love of balance. So instead of speaking up for themselves, they are more apt to let things slide. Librans also have a tendency to be a little wishy-washy. Since a Libra is more inclined to go along with what her lover wants, she has a harder time making up her own mind about wants and desires.

This character trait afflicts both sexes, and can confuse their lovers. At times, the Libra will want someone who mirrors their relaxed nature, while at others the Libra may want someone who will take care of them.  It can all be confusing and off-putting, but give your Libra lover enough time, and he or she will make a decision.

When seducing a Libra woman, remember her love of balance. Grand gestures and large theatrics will scare away the Libra instead of bringing her closer.

Librans prefer to have their senses enveloped in soothing colors, sounds, and smells. Save the speed metal music for someone else, because your Libra lover prefers a slower pace.

Librans don’t appreciate neon clothing or dramatic makeup, so keep it casual. When it comes to sex, timing is everything for a Libra.  If the mood isn’t right and you make your move too fast with a Libra woman, expect rejection.

Being overly aggressive and not letting the Libra man take the lead can keep the relationship from moving to the next step.

The Libra sexuality also suffers from a sense of insecurity. Behind the calm exterior, Librans will always harbor questions about whether others truly find them attractive. It will take measured reassurance from you, before a Libra will “believe the hype.”

For the Libra, the act of making love is not the ultimate goal it is for others. They enjoy it, but Librans treasure the ramp up more. Librans do not hunt like an Aries or Leo, but they derive great pleasure from the process of seduction. Once that is accomplished, the Scales of the Libra come back into play. You can count on Librans giving just as they get while in bed with a lover.

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