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Libra Virgo Love Compatibility

Libra Virgo Love Compatibility

How good or bad is the love compatibility between Libra and Virgo emotionally, mentally, and sexually? Read on…

The two zodiac signs of Libra and Virgo soul mates in a romantic relationship will be like two halves of a whole coming together. They will fit perfectly together and be comfortable with each other. They will both want security in their relationship. They both will adore beauty and culture.

In the Libra Virgo relationship, they will be able to work together effectively and smoothly. They will want to accomplish comparable things. Libra and Virgo in love might have a slow start to their relationship. Once they learn more about each other and respect each other, their relationship will pick up the pace.



Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. They will be especially concerned with balance. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. Virgo is excellent at communicating, analyzing, and thinking in general. They will both love pleasant, honest discussions, and extraordinary taste.

They will both have nice personalities and strongly desire a balanced Libra Virgo friendship. They will easily be capable of bringing beauty and culture to the world around them. Because of Venus’s influence, Libra zodiac sign can be somewhat lazy. They will have an intelligent superiority complex. They can both seem pretentious. The Virgo star sign has very high expectations.

Libra is an Air sign. They will enjoy theorizing about many different subjects. They will concentrate on whatever happens to occur to them. Virgo is an Earth sign. They will typically be more rational. They will want to know how their daily actions will help them to achieve their goals. However, the Libra personality will not be concerned with if it is practical or useful.



Libra dating Virgo will have trouble understanding where each other is coming from. If Librans seem too manipulative or Virgins seem too picky, they might have arguments. They will both need to understand that they see the world in different ways.

Libra is a Cardinal sign. They will be the ones to steer the direction of the relationship. They can be a gentle and guiding force, but they will not become domineering. Virgo is a Mutable sign.  They are contented and laid back. They might be annoyed by the Libran’s indecisive nature.

Libra men and Libra women are talented at seeing all the different sides of a situation. They will typically be able to understand and sympathize with the decisions that the Virgin makes. They will be the ones to start things in the Libra Virgo relationship. The Virgo personality will be able to be flexible enough to keep their projects going.


Libra And Virgo Love Compatibility – Positive

Libra and Virgo in love will both enjoy trivial pleasures. They will both like collecting things like bone china, photographs, or art. They are also both happy to see a theatre show and enjoy various kinds of art.


Both the Libra and Virgo compatibility will find rationality and pleasure important. They will be able to complement each other in many different ways. Virgo admires Libra’s charisma and gracious nature. Libra can help to balance things out when the Virgin does not get their way. They admire the way the Virgo male or Virgo female has a love of order and the concrete rewards that come with it.

In this Libra and Virgo friendship, both will be able to see the different sides of an argument and will be more than willing to see them. They will make decisions together, but only after they consider all the facts.

In the Libra and Virgo marriage, both love structure and art. This is the best thing about these two zodiac signs being together. They both think aesthetics are important. They both enjoy the finer things in life. They have comparable tastes and loves. Because of this, the Libra Virgo compatibility will be very balanced.


When the Libra Leo relationship is going well, it will be quiet and have integrity. They will likely have a high standard of living and a strong sense of trust. Virgo is an earth sign. Because of this, they can keep restless Libran more grounded. Libra is an air sign. They will be able to teach the Virgin about the bigger picture in life and how to keep from sinking into the details of life.


Virgo is diligent and Libra is playful. They can work well together to make sure neither works or plays too much. They can learn a lot from each other. The Libra Virgo sexual relationship in bed might lack some intensity. Virgo will not show their seductive side until they feel very safe in the relationship. Libra can be flirty and will have a hard time giving their partner the security they need.

Libra enjoys being in love and the romance of a relationship. However, they will not necessarily have a sexy physical side that will help their lover to warm up. Even their physical relationship will be more of a meeting on an intelligent level than physically.

Libra Virgo Compatibility – Negative

The main problem that Libra Virgo love compatibility will have is that they will both want to change each other. They will not want to do this in an obvious overt or even authoritative way. However, they will both want to “better” each other. Because of this, they will have trouble in their relationship.

Virgo is the healer of the zodiac. They will always be trying to improve those around them with constructive criticism. They are only trying to be helpful. They are perfectionists and can be somewhat obsessive with it. They will claim their way is the best way to move things forward in their relationship.

At the same time, Libra is the idealist of the zodiac. They will live in a state of constant change and they will always be looking for a better way. They are very indecisive by nature. They might agree, then disagree, and then agree all over again.


Virgo is an earth sign and will have patience but that patience will be pushed to their limits. Libra and Virgo marriage compatibility will have issues because they will be focused on trying to improve each other. They will need to focus on improving their flaws rather than each other’s.

The two-star signs of Libra and Virgo are neighbors in the zodiac. Because of this, they can be very good friends. They are both intelligent. They will both enjoy having endless discussions and debates. They will enjoy this even more if they meet for the first time in a studio or learning setting. If Libra and Virgo are in a romantic relationship, they will have more complex horoscope compatibility. They will both make certain power plays and polite takeovers. They will both want to be in control of the relationship.

Libra And Virgo Compatibility – Conclusion

The idealist and the healer both have gentle, innocent natures. They will typically be relatively quiet on the surface. Libra can help Virgo to be more romantic. Virgo can help Libra to have more common sense and stability in their idealistic view of the world.

If Libra and Virgo are friends first, they might seem like they could be successful in a romantic relationship. When they fall in love, they will make a connection intellectually first. They will then move quickly to a caring and affectionate relationship. Eventually, however, they will have some cracks start to show leading to a Libra Virgo breakup.


Libra and Virgo compatibility will have issues in other ways too. Libra will be social, and very playful, but with a sense of serenity at the same time. Virgo will prefer to stay at home and tend to be very serious in their outlook. They will constantly be worrying. This is only going to add panic to Libra’s indecisive nature. The idealist can get really upset with this because they are so focused on balance. Libra and Virgo in love will need to work together to find the middle ground of their very different ways of living their lives.

Libra and Virgo can have a successful compatible relationship when they both learn not to try to change each other. Otherwise, they will be changing control. Libra will seem to be in control. However, Virgo knows how to work behind the scenes to control the relationship.

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