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Libra Woman Personality Traits & Characteristics

Libra Woman Personality Traits

You are a Libra if you were born between September 23rd and October 23rd, depending on the year. The Libra woman personality traits indicate that she is likely to be kind, generous, and fair whenever she can be.


The Libra zodiac sign is symbolized by the scales, showing that the Libra woman likes to lead a balanced life. She will do whatever she can to keep her life balanced, as well as try to keep things fair between her friends and family.


Libra Woman Positive Personality Traits

The Libra woman’s personality traits show that from a young age, the Libra girl can tell the difference between what is fair and what is not. For instance, if her sibling is given more of something than she is she will immediately point it out because she realizes that it is not fair.

Many people outgrow this Libran woman trait when they get older. Even if they know that something is not fair they will not say anything about it. However, as a Libra woman gets older her sense of right and wrong and what is fair or unfair only becomes keener.


She will make sure to point it out to a superior if she is being treated unfairly at work or if she notices that someone else is being treated unequally. Although, she will do her best to talk to her boss in private, as she will not want to make a scene.

The Libra woman traits show she likes to lead a peaceful life, and causing drama between friends or coworkers just doesn’t make sense to her, so she will avoid this as well. During her teenage years, the Libra female will have an easier time staying out of drama with her friends, and she may instead join a drama club.


Many Libra women have a flair for creative things, such as theater and music. The Libra girl is more likely to put her voice to work by singing than yelling at a friend.

The Libra woman’s characteristics show she wants to make everyone happy. To do this, she tries to keep everything as balanced as possible. She tries not to take sides, but instead takes more of a middle path to most situations.

She does not wish to offend anyone, even if she agrees with one side she will pretend to have no preference to either. This can annoy friends and partners, but it makes the Libra woman feel more secure and like she is doing the right thing.


Libra Woman Negative Personality Traits

The Libra woman’s personality traits show she likes to keep her life balanced. She is likely to keep a schedule to plan out her day. She is more likely to try to balance work and school than to quit one or the other. While she is confident that she can balance out the difficulties in her life, it can sometimes lead to high levels of stress.

She will need help to reduce her stress levels, but she is not likely to ask for help. She thinks that it will make her friends feel better to not know about her troubles. Libra woman won’t want to involve her friends in her problems unless it is of great importance.

The Libra woman’s traits show she might seem a bit detached after being highly anxious or panic stricken. She may want to take a sort of mental break from all of her problems. She is likely to not be very productive during this time. The other zodiac signs may see this as the Libra woman simply being lazy, but her mind is always busy, thinking of what’s right and wrong.

It is a constant mental struggle that can easily wear anyone out over time. Sometimes she just needs a break where there is nothing that can stress her out. This break could last for a couple of hours of productivity to a few weeks. This can interfere with school work as well as working at a job.

Libra Woman Love Personality Characteristics

The Libra woman’s characteristics show she wants a partner who does not put much pressure on her. She will want a partner who is willing to adventure every once in a while, but who will also sit back and relax with her when she needs a break.

Libra woman will need a partner who can fully understand her. She is not likely to have sex until she feels completely comfortable with her partner, but once she does it will be great.

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