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Oscar De La Hoya

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February 4, 1973

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Montebello, California, United States of America

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Oscar De La Hoya aka the Golden Boy is a former American boxer who is widely known for his intense fights and weight classes. As a legendary fighter, he retired by completing a 39-6 record with an escort of gold medal win in 1992 Olympics. Throughout his career, Oscar defeated 18 world champions. Before fame, Hoya was a noble but also a no-nonsense lad. During his teenage life, he was robbed of his possessions, but they were returned later due to his prowess nature. He made his debut when he won 10 World Titles in 6 different weight classes.

Childhood And Early Life

On February 4, 1973, Oscar De La Hoya was born in Montebello, Los Angeles in California. His father was known as Joel De La Hoya Sr. and his mother was called Cecilia De La Hoya. At a tender age, his parents moved to Mexico. Oscar career began in his family. His great-grandfather, Vicente was an avid fighter of the 19th-century.Not to mention his father made boxing as a career in the 1960s.At six years old, Oscar knew several rules and kicked styles. He was inspired by Sugar Ray Leonard, an Olympic medalist who rose to fame in 1976 Summer Olympics.

At fifteen years old, Oscar garnered the National Junior Olympic Title with 119 pounds. The following year he represented his hood by garaging a 125-pound title. At seventeen years old, he was mentioned as the National Golden Glove Holder by winning a gold medal. In all, the fame and career were cut short due to her ill mother who battled cancer. Unfortunately, she died in 1990, but she encouraged her son to aim for the stars and win the Olympic gold. The following year, Oscar gathered himself and went home to a United States Amateur Boxing tournament. It was at this time that he was named as the Boxer of the Year.



During the Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain De La Hoya turned his sweet mother's dream into reality. He won gold in the U.S after defeating Julio Gonzalez, a Cuban Boxer. He became the only Boxer who took a medal from Barcelona. He also made his debut when he won the 1992 Olympics in a first-round. He went ahead and completed a successful record in 1994 when he won his first professional title at the World Boxing Organization.

In 1995 he defeated a famous boxer, Jon Molina where he was categorized at the junior lightweight champion list under IBF. Several critics followed him since his fans wanted him to compete with boxing gurus such as Julio Cesar Chavez. The competition was planned, and Oscar managed to batter Cesar face with hard blows till he surrendered. That’s where the pseudonym Golden Boy came into place.

After his win in 1997, he was moved to a 147-pound weight class that made him garner a welterweight title in Las Vegas. He continued to reign till 1999 when he was defeated by Felix Trinidad who became a fighter of the decade. It was in 2000 that he let go of his champion title to Sugar Shane Mosely. It was at this point that Oscar opted to take some time off the ring.


Later Life

Oscar’s excellent and appealing looks earned him some marks during his boxing career. He became the talk of the town in America and internationally. This earned him much respect where he was invited to chair several organizational groups and community service. In 2000 Oscar launched his first recording ‘Oscar,' in both Spanish and English. The album cemented the Latin’s dance charts all thanks to his ‘Ven A Mi’ single that was nominated for a Grammy Award.
In the new millennium, former actress Shanna Moakler filed a $63 million lawsuit against him. She wanted Oscar to support her said daughter, Atiana Cecelia.

In 2001 De La Hoya transformed back to his former career where he won the fifth round against Arturo Gatti. The following year he defeated Javier Castillejo with over 150-pound title. At 28 years old, Oscar became the toughest boxer to win nine championships.


Personal Life And Legacy

With all the wins and defeats Oscar retired in 2004 when he lost his chance to become a middleweight holder. It is here that he opted to concentrate on his own life. In 2001 he married Millie Corretjer, a singer and the couple was blessed with a child in 2005.Once again, he made a remarkable return in 2006 where he knocked out Ricardo Mayorga. From there henceforth he established himself as a businessman by launching a real estate firm that he called Golden Boy Partners. He retired in 2009 where he continued to concentrate on other personal ventures.

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