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Dennis Hopper

Birthday :

May 17, 1936

Died On :

May 29, 2010

Also Known For :

Director, Film Actor, Television Actor

Birth Place :

Dodge City, Kansas, United states of America

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Dennis Hopper was a good friend to a middle-aged actor; Viggo Mortensen. He was best known for his incredible and witty performances. To date, Hopper still carries the flag as the most smiley and excellent actor and director.


Kansas City was Hopper’s residence since he was born. Surrounded with wheat and more grassland, Hopper fell in love with farming and menial work. In short, he fell in love with adventure while still young.

Dennis Hopper impersonated Tarzan’s character a couple of times, thanks to the tall trees in the countryside. He depicted William Tell’s trait to the end. Little did he know that he will once get paid to do what he loves most.

His best friend and close relatives; grandpa and grandma stood by him. Dennis Hopper once worked as a newspaper seller as well as selling plastic bottles. Indeed, he was a noble and versatile soul whom his fans and the unknown will miss him.


Early & Childhood Life

It was on 17th, May 1936 that Dennis Hopper was first seen in Kansas, Dodge City. His father was called James Hopper, and his loving mother was Marjorie Mae. Since childhood, the lad loved to spend ample time with his two siblings,

David and Marvin. After the WW11, Dennis’s family relocated to San Diego where he joined an art school called Nelson Art Gallery. In between, he mastered acting skills at the Globe Theatre. He was lucky to attend the Actors Studio in NYC. Just like his childhood days, Hopper fell in love with William Shakespeare’s playwrights. Late in 1950, he signed an extended contract with Warner Bros, and this is where his acting started.



Easy Rider is one of the epic films that brought Hopper’s career into the limelight. He was lucky that the first movie collected several awards including an Academy Award. Being named as the Best Supporting Actor, he worked tirelessly to sustain his new profile.

For one year Dennis Hopper had already appeared in films like Johnny Guitar, Giant, Night tide and Rebel without a Cause. Unfortunately, fame knocked his physique a little bit. A sense of humor like trait turned him into an arrogant and graceless being.

An impolite behavior led him to find his passion except acting. For seven years, he worked as a photographer, and he was lucky to have been employed by the Vogue magazine. In his free time, he worked as a painter and a highly skilled poet.

After eight good years, Dennis’s acting career began again where he starred in The Sons of Katie Elder. Other vital roles followed year by year. From 1969 to 1983 Hopper appeared in movies like True Grit, The Last Movie, Mad Dog Morgan, The American Friend, and Tracks.


Later Works

In the mid of 1986, Dennis received an Academy Award, thanks to Blue Velvet and Hosier's film. After a few years, he starred with the most adorable and incredible movies plus series. Some of the major ones include; The 1994 Chasers Speed as well as The Hotspot.

Hopper’s television roles called in the new millennium. He became an active thespian in a notable series called the E-Ring. The cycle continued profitably, and several TV series and dramas were born. In 2005 he appeared in

The Defenders, Legend of Jesse James, The Rifleman, Entourage, The Investigator as well as The Twilight Zone. Three years apart he played a prominent role in “Crash “series, followed by “The Keeper.”


Personal Life & Legacy

Dennis Hopper was diagnosed with prostate cancer where his closest fans were devastated by the news. He began to focus more on his health where he took an acting break. Sadly, he died on 29th May 2010 at 74 years of age.

Dennis Hopper married five times in his life. His first wife was Brooke Hayward with whom they married in 1961. The couple had a baby girl called Marin Hopper. Unfortunately, they parted ways in 1969. The following year he married Michelle Philipps but divorced after a few days. Daria Halprin was his third wife with whom she had a daughter called Ruthanna.

The couple called it quit in 1976 after staying in a marriage for three years. Dennis Hopper later fell in love with a ballet dancer in 1989. The duo had a son; Henry Lee. A divorce was then nullified in 1992. In 1996 Dennis tied a knot with Vi Henry Lee. ctoria Duff and a girl were born in 2003.

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