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Michael Houser

Birthday :

January 6, 1962

Died On :

August 10, 2002

Birth Place :

Boone, North Carolina, United States of America

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Michael Houser was a lead guitarist and a founding member of the Widespread Panic Band for close to 16 years. During his long career, he was the lead guitarist in the production of four albums by the Widespread Band.


Michael Houser was born in Boone, North Carolina on 6th January 1962.


Widespread Band

During Michael Houser's time in the University of Georgia, together with John Bell, came up with The Widespread Panic band. The name ‘Panic' was derived from John Bell's nickname.

Houser always had a problem of blood circulation when performing while standing. He was later advised to take a seat during his performance.

The duo shared the responsibility of composing their work. They later went on to record seven albums in 11 years with Capricorn recording company.


Popular works

Even though the band shared the responsibility of writing their songs, Michael Houser took the credit of writing the band's most successful jams.

Some of the Widespread’s most popular songs included, Porch Song, Ain't Life Grand, Blue Indian, Airplane and Vacation.



Michael Houser was married to Barbette; the two had two children together.


Disease and death

Michael Houser was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in 2002. He succumbed to the illness on 10th August 2002 at a relatively early age of 40.

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