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John Hurt

Birthday :

January 22, 1940

Died On :

January 25, 2017

Birth Place :

Chesterfield, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

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His voice used to fill your living room every time the series “A Man for All Seasons,” featured on television. On January 22, 1940, the man, John Hurt, was born in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Growing up and watching his dreams come true made the life of John Hurt worth living.

Early Life

Vincent John Hurt was born in Chesterfield, England, on January 22; 1940. He was the son of Massey Phyllis, an actress, and an Engineer and Hurt Arnould, his father. Being the youngest of the three children, Hurt spent most of his early life alone. He had a conservative, sheltered life as his father was a Minister of the Anglican Church. His parents could accompany him to the theater to watch some productions. They did not allow him to go the movies despite living near one.

Hurt acted in the plays staged at his school and got to shake off the early stage fright. Getting into acting did not please his parents as they saw it a big gamble in life. They had to push him into the field of painting so as to be a teacher, as they saw it fit and secure for a boy growing up in a challenging environment.



John Hurt attended Art school at Grimsby, before going on to join a college in Central Saint Martin's. His heart was still in acting, and this prompted him to enroll for Dramatic Art for the scholarship he received, at the Royal Academy. 1962, was the year he graduated. He kept reiterating that he believed in acting and saw it as the only best way he could be free to express himself to his best.



John Hurt’s first film appearance came out in 1962, when he took out a role in the blockbuster “The Wild and the Willing”, and then making a professional role in the movie “Fred Ginger.” He kept cracking his audience big time especially when he depicted a gay icon in Crisp's Memoir.

But his actual film success showed up when he portrayed the deceitful Rich Richard. International fame came later on in 1978 when he appeared in Midnight Express where his role as a supporting cast earned him a nomination for an Academy Award.

Hurt was hilarious for his role as an astronaut in the movie, alien, of 1979, where, out of his chest burst a strange creature. In 1987, he came out again, staring in the spoof “Spaceballs” a more humorous version of the scene in the movie “Alien.”


Personal Life

John Hurt has a troubled marriage life as he had given it a hand four times. He is now married to Anwen Rees-Myers since March 2005. His previous marriages were; 1990-1996 to Jo Dalton whom they had two children, Donna Peacock from 1984-1990, and Annette Robertson from 1962-1964.



Alcohol brought a lot of misery to John Hurt, and he battled this problem for a better portion of his life. Being seen in a restaurant with booze around his table was part of his social orientation. The problem is well on his back now, and the man can comfortably afford a smile of fortune.

John Hurt maintains a polite smile despite ailing from pancreatic cancer. His wife has been by his side all through, and this has kept him stronger and keeping high spirits. She plays piano music to him and checks his food intake to maintain healthy eating. He asserts that working, painting and his wife by his side is all that matters to his life now. With all his legendary mates, Richard and Teed, gone, life still goes on for Sir John Vincent Hurt.

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