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Jesse Jackson

Birthday :

October 8, 1941

Also Known For :

Civil Right, Baptist, Politician

Birth Place :

Greenville, South Carolina, United States of America

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The moment you mention Jesse Jackson, you better be ready to receive a doubtful kind of gesture. I am trying to imply that he is regarded as the most candid and competitive politician in the United States. He is mostly known for his high-end campaigns against racialism in the US. Since his teenage life, Jesse proved that African-American citizens lived a cruel life. It wasn’t by chance that he was born as a black racial person. His presence helped his fellows to earn whites favors. He joined the civil rights movements at his tender age. Luckily, Martin Luther King Jr and other prominent leaders supported him to the core. Let’s see how his early and later life transformed.

Childhood And Early Life

On 8th October 1991, Jesse Jackson was born in Greenville, South Carolina in the U.S to Helen Burns and Noah Robinson. Helen later married Charles Jackson with whom she gave him his surname. Jesse joined Sterling High School in Greenville where he graduated in the 1950s. He then received a scholarship and joined the University of Illinois as well as North Carolina in 1960s. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sociology in 1964. He then attained a scholarship where he teamed up with the Chicago Theological Seminary. Jesse became an active civil rights participant in the course of his education. He opted to forgo his studies where he concentrated on the civil rights movements.



Early in 1966, Jesse Jackson was selected to lead the Southern Christian Leadership Conference that was started by Martin Luther King Jr. It was an African-American civil rights organization. He was then appointed as the SCLC director in 1967. This gave him a chance to force possessors of several businesses to employ black Americans. Some of the members criticized his leadership including Martin Luther King Jr.

Early in 1968 King was assassinated and Jesse brought his exaggerating trait to the scene. He even claimed that he spoke with him before he breathed his last. The irony came when people realized that he installed too many lies in their thoughts. That is where he got suspended from the SCLC. He resigned in 1971 and founded People United to Save Humanity in Chicago.

By 1879 Jesse became an incredible politician. He was invited to a South African conference where he gave a public speech. It is here that he proved that he hated and declined apartheid regime. In 1984 Jesse came with another civil right movement titled National Rainbow Coalition. His end motive was to secure the rights of black Americans. After several years Jesse announced his presidential contest. Although Michael Dukakis succeeded him, he proved he was the strongest of all.



In 1999 Jesse Jackson tried to protect six students from notable high school who were banned for indulging in an Illinois fight. He tried his best to assure the school board that they will never repeat the same mistake. The board declined his suggestions where he was later arrested for breaking the school rules. He made the whole school to march the whole day, but his cry wasn’t heard.


Personal Life And Achievements

Jesse Jackson was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom award in 2000. In 1962 Jackson married Lavinia Brown. The couple was blessed with five children. It was then announced that he had an outside affair with Karin Stanford, a professor with whom he had a daughter that he supports to date.

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