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Famous Events For January 25

Famous Events For January 25 – Today In History

January 25: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – January 25  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 25th Jan 1533: King Henry VIII of England on this day secretly married his second wife Anna Boleyn. Elizabeth I was born to Anna Boleyn.
2. 25th Jan 1579: The Treaty of Utrecht was signed on this day. This marked the beginning of the Dutch Republic.


18th Century – What Happened on January 25 – The 1700s

3. 25th Jan 1799: The seeding machine was patented on this day by Eliakim Spooner.

19th Century – January 25 This Day That Year – The 1800s

4. 25th Jan 1846: The British Parliament on this day repealed the dreaded Corn laws which taxed imported oats, wheat, and barley.
5. 25th Jan 1858: It was at the wedding of the daughter of Queen Victoria and Crown Prince of Prussia, that Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March” was presented for the first time.
6. 25th Jan 1870: The ornamental soda fountain was patented on this day by G. D. Dows.
7. 25th Jan 1881: It was on this day an agreement was signed between Thomas Edison and Graham Bell to organize the Oriental Telephone Company.
8. 25th Jan 1890: This day marked the founding of the United Mine Workers of America.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day January 25th – The 1900s

9. 25th Jan 1904: There was an explosion in a Coal mine in Cheswick, Pennsylvania. 179 people lost their lives in the explosion.
10. 25th Jan 1905: A 3106-carat diamond was found in South Africa on this day. It was the world’s largest diamond.
11. 25th Jan 1907: On this day Julia Ward Howe was elected to the National Institute of Arts and Letters. She became the first woman to be elected to the position.
12. 25th Jan 1915: Graham Bell inaugurated the first transcontinental telephone service by speaking from New York City to his assistant in San Francisco.
13. 25th Jan 1918: On this day the US peace proposals were rejected by Austria and Germany.
14. 25th Jan 1919: The Allies adopted the League of Nations plan on this day.
15. 25th Jan 1924: It was on this day that the first Winter Olympics was inaugurated in Chamonix in French Alps.
16. 25th Jan 1930: The New York police on this day routed a communist rally in the town hall.
17. 25th Jan 1933: The hourly rate for laborers was cut from 40 cents per hour to 35 cents per hour and a five-day week was adopted in line with the changing economic trend. This move was expected to create more jobs. The weekly earnings however dipped from $19 to $14.


18. 25th Jan 1937: “The Guiding Light” was first broadcast on the NBC radio. The show remained on the radio till 1956.
19. 25th Jan 1937: A bus traveling from Miami to Tampa overturned in a canal. The accident killed 13 people.
20. 25th Jan 1939: On this day a massive earthquake strikes Chillan Chile killing 10,000 people.
21. 25th Jan 1940: On this day there was a Nazi Government decree on the establishment of a Jewish Ghetto in Lodz Poland.
22. 25th Jan 1942: On this day Thailand declared war against the US, England, and other allied countries. Thailand was controlled by Japan. It was even considered as the puppet of Japan.
23. 25th Jan 1942: The African Corps led by Lt General Rommel reaches Msus on this day.
24. 25th Jan 1943: The last German airfield in Stalingrad was captured by the Red Army on this day.
25. 25th Jan 1945: On this day Myohaung in Burma was occupied by the West Africa 82nd Division.


26. 25th Jan 1945: On this day the Japanese occupiers of Batavia arrest Indo-European youths.
27. 25th Jan 1945: On this day Grand Rapids, Michigan fluoridates its water. It became the first city in the US to do so.
28. 25th Jan 1946: On this day United Mine Workers Union rejoins the American Federation of Labor.
29. 25th Jan 1949: The Mapai party in Israel, led by Ben-Gurion wins the first Israeli elections.
30. 25th Jan 1949: Axis Sally who broadcasted Nazi propaganda to US troops in Europe stands trial on this day in the United States for war crimes.
31. 25th Jan 1950: On this day a former State Department official Alger Hiss was found guilty of perjury by a federal Jury.
32. 25th Jan 1950: Cleveland recorded a temperature of 23°C, which was the highest for January.
33. 25th Jan 1951: The United Nations on this day began its counter-offensive in Korea.
34. 25th Jan 1953: The 500m skating world record was established by Yuri Sergejev when he skated the distance in 40.9 sec.

35. 25th Jan 1955: An atomic clock which is accurate to 1 sec in 300 years was developed by the scientists of Columbia University.
36. 25th Jan 1955: The canal treaty was signed on this day by the United States and Panama.
37. 25th Jan 1955: Russia ends the state of War with Germany on this day.
38. 25th Jan 1956: Khrushchev says that he believes that Eisenhower is sincere in his efforts to abolish war.
39. 25th Jan 1957: Jack and Myra Sobel were arrested on this day by the FBI and charged with spying for the U.S.S.R.
40. 25th Jan 1957: The French Police and French Army were deployed in Algiers to suppress the FLN organization who were fighting a gorilla for independence from France.
41. 25th Jan 1959: The second Vatican Council was proclaimed by Pope John XXIII on this day.
42. 25th Jan 1959: This day began the commercial jet flight. The first transcontinental commercial jet flight a Boeing 707 from Los Angeles to New York priced at $300.
43. 25th Jan 1960: The National Association of Broadcasters reacted this day on the Payola scandal, which was about bribes being paid to disk jockeys to play specific songs to increase music sales without informing the public that they were being paid for. The Association threatened Disk Jockeys that they would be fined if they accepted money for playing a particular record.

44. 25th Jan 1961: President John F Kennedy presented the first news conference broadcast and televised live.
45. 25th Jan 1968: On this day remains of the Hydrogen bomb were found near the Thule Air Base in Greenland. An explosion of this bomb had occurred when the B-52 bomber carrying the bombs crashed into the Arctic ice. These bomb remains were recovered by the US Air Force. Four more bombs are still to be traced.
46. 25th Jan 1969: The United States and North Vietnam begin their peace talks in Paris on this day.
47. 25th Jan 1971: Major General Idi Amin led a coup in Uganda and became the President of Uganda deposing Milton Obote.
48. 25th Jan 1971: Himachal Pradesh became the 18th State of India on this day.
49. 25th Jan 1971: Charles Manson and three of his cult members Susan Atkins, Leslie Van Houten, and Patricia Krenwinkle were convicted on this day for the brutal murders of actress Sharon Tate and six others in 1969.
50. 25th Jan 1972: It was reported that both Russia and Czechoslovakia recognized Bangladesh on this day.

51. 25th Jan 1972: Shirley Chisholm who was the first African-American lady to be elected to the US Congress announces her candidacy for President.
52. 25th Jan 1972: President Nixon on this day aired his 8-point peace plan for Vietnam. He asks for the release of POWs in return for withdrawal.
53. 25th Jan 1974: Christian Bernard performs the first human heart transplant surgery on this day. He did the transplant without removing the old one.
54. 25th Jan 1975: The Parliament of Bangladesh disposes of Premier Sheik Mujib ur-Rahman on this day.
55. 25th Jan 1978: Muriel Humphrey was on this day appointed as a senator to fill her late husband’s senate seat.
56. 25th Jan 1979: Pope John Paul II begins his overseas trip on this day. This was his first overseas trip as supreme pontiff.
57. 25th Jan 1979: On this day the 22.2 Km long Oshimizu railroad tunnel was holed through in central Honshu in Japan.

58. 25th Jan 1980: Today Paul McCartney was released from the Tokyo jail and was soon deported.
59. 25th Jan 1980: The USN hovercraft attains a speed of 167 kph, which is the highest speed attained by a warship.
60. 25th Jan 1981: 52 Americans held as hostages for 444 days by Iran arrived in the United States and were reunited on this day with their families.
61. 25th Jan 1981: Four senior labor MPs, Shirley Williams, Roy Jenkins, William Rodgers, and David Owen announced that they would break away from the labor party and form their party under the leadership of Roy Jenkins in March. The party would be called the Social Democratic Party (SDP).
62. 25th Jan 1983: On this day an infrared telescope satellite was launched into the Polar orbit.
63. 25th Jan 1983: On this day Klaus Barbie a war criminal was arrested in Bolivia.
64. 25th Jan 1983: Chiang Chiang’s death sentence was on this day commuted to life sentence by the Supreme Court in China.
65. 25th Jan 1984: President Ronald Regan endorses on this day the development of a permanently manned space station.
66. 25th Jan 1987: In the 75th Australian Open men’s championship Stephan Edberg beat Pat Cash 6-3, 6-4, 3-6, 5-7, 6-3.
67. 25th Jan 1988: On this day on “CBS Evening News” US Vice President George Bush clashed with Dan Rather when he later questioned Bush about his role in the Iran-Contra affair.

68. 25th Jan 1988: On this day Ramsevak Shankar was sworn in as the President of Surinam.
69. 25th Jan 1990: Hurricane-force winds with a sustained wind speed of 75 mph and wind gusts of 104mph forced many ports and airports in the U.K. to close. This storm “Burn’s Day Storm” was the worst storm ever seen in the U.K. since 1987. Many buildings, telecommunication, and Power lines were blown down.
70. 25th Jan 1990: In a rare air accident Avianca Flight 52, ran out of fuel and crashed in Cove Neck New York killing 73.
71. 25th Jan 1991: Former Panamanian leader Manual Noriega was on this day granted access to assets frozen by the Government.
72. 25th Jan 1992: Dan Jansen creates a new world record by skating 500 meters in 36.41.
73. 25th Jan 1992: In the 66th Australian women’s tennis championship, Monica Seles beat M Fernandez in straight sets 6-2, 6-3.
74. 25th Jan 1993: A gunman killed two CIA agents outside the agency headquarters in Virginia on this day. Later a Pakistani national was convicted and was executed in 2002.
75. 25th Jan 1993: On this day Puerto Rico added English as its second official language.
76. 25th Jan 1994: Michael Jackson on this day settles a civil suit accusing him of molesting a 13-year-old boy, out of court.
77. 25th Jan 1994: The US launched its space probe Clementine on this day.
78. 25th Jan 1994: There was a coal mine fire in Asansol in India. 55 people lost their lives in the fire.
79. 25th Jan 1995: The Russians prepared for a nuclear attack mistaking the Norwegian launch of Black Brant XII four-stage sounding rocket to study the aura of borealis over Svalbard for a Trident Missile.
80. 25th Jan 1995: On this day Jacques Santer became the chairman of the Euro committee replacing Jacques Delors.
81. 25th Jan 1997: In the 71st Australian women’s tennis championship, Martina Hingis beat Mary Pierce in straight sets 6-2, 6-2.
82. 25th Jan 1998: Briton queen mother gets a hip replacement done at the age of 97.
83. 25th Jan 1999: Six members of the Olympic Committee face expulsion following an inquiry into corruption during the awarding of the 2002 Winter Games to Salt Lake City in Utah.
84. 25th Jan 1999: An earthquake measuring 6.0 on the Richter scale struck Columbia. Over 1000 people were killed.

21st Century – January 25 This Day In History – The 2000s

85. 25th Jan 2004: The second of the two rovers sent to explore Mars by NASA has landed on the surface of Mars. It will look for signs of water.
86. 25th Jan 2005: During the Kalubi Jatra pilgrimage in the Mandher Devi temple in India, there was a stampede. 300 people lost their lives in the stampede.
87. 25th Jan 2006: Hamas wins Palestinian Legislative Council elections with 74 seats to ruling Fatah’s 45. Hamas got a clear majority and the ability to form a majority government.
88. 25th Jan 2008: President George Bush and his House leaders agree to a $150 billion stimulus package including a rebate for taxpayers at the rate of $600 for individuals $1200 for couples and families $300 for a child. This will be effected by May.
89. 25th Jan 2010: One year after thousands of children became ill due to the presence of melamine in milk, traces of melamine were discovered in milk products in China.
90. 25th Jan 2011: There were protests in Egypt against the government on this day. Tens of thousands of people participated in the day-long revolt.
91. 25th Jan 2011: An Indian-born American Engineer Noshir Gowadia, was sentenced on this day to 32 years in prison on charges of spying. He was accused of selling information related to the creation of stealth missiles to China for $1,10,000 between 2003 and 2005.
92. 25th Jan 2012: Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced on this day that Iran is willing to discuss its nuclear program with other leaders.
93. 25th Jan 2012: Protesters in Egypt commemorate the first anniversary of the revolution on this day.
94. 25th Jan 2012: Congresswoman Gabriele Giffords resigns from the US House of Representatives to recover from the gunshot injury that she sustained when a gunman shot her in 2011. She received a standing ovation and many tributes.
95. 25th Jan 2013: French court orders the company to reveal personal information about its users after several anti-Semitic and racist posts on Twitter.
96. 25th Jan 2013: An earthquake struck near the city of Lucca in Italy on this day. There were no casualties reported nor were there property damage. However, aftershocks were felt throughout the region.
97. 25th Jan 2014: There was unrest in Ukraine. Protesters and police clashed in the capital city of Kiev Ukraine. Protests continued despite the efforts of its president to change anti-protest laws.
98. 25th Jan 2014: National 9/11 Museum officials announced on this day that the museum will be open in mid-May. The museum is dedicated to the victims of the terror attack. They propose to charge $24 per adult ticket.
99. 25th Jan 2014: Doe Jones loses 300 points owing to China’s slow growth and plans for tapering by the Fed which resulted in investors withdrawing money from the emerging market.
100. 25th Jan 2015: US President Barack Obama and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi make progress in areas of defense and nuclear trade by planning to cooperate in defense issues, nuclear power development, and other military manufacturing initiatives.

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