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Famous Events For January 29

Famous Events For January 29 – Today In History

January 29: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – January 29  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 29th Jan 1595: William Shakespeares’ play Romeo and Juliet is believed to have been performed for the first time on this day.
2. 29th Jan 1676: Feodor II becomes the Tsar of Russia succeeding his father.

18th Century – What Happened on January 29 – The 1700s

3. 29th Jan 1728: Beggars Opera by John Gay premiers in London on this day.
4. 29th Jan 1785: Statesman and Governor of Massachusetts, John Hancock resigns as Governor of Massachusetts allegedly for health reasons.


19th Century – January 29 This Day That Year – The 1800s

5. 29th Jan 1814: In the war of the Sixth Coalition, Russia and Prussia were defeated by France in the Battle of Brianne.
6. 29th Jan 1834: To suppress labor dispute President Jackson ordered the first use of US troops.
7. 29th Jan 1840: Captain William Hobson who was the co-author of the Treaty of Waitangi and the First Governor General of New Zealand arrives in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.
8. 29th Jan 1845: This day marks the first publication of Raven by Edgar Allen Poe.
9. 29th Jan 1848: Sicily on this day accepted the new Constitution.
10. 29th Jan 1850: The comprise bill on slavery was introduced on this day to the US Senate by Henry Clay.
11. 29th Jan 1856: The Victoria Cross was established on this day by the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth countries. This was an honor established to acknowledge valor in the face of the enemy.
12. 29th Jan 1860: Pope Pius IX established the American College in Rome on this day.
13. 29th Jan 1861: The US state of Kansas became the 34th state to be admitted to the Union on this day.
14. 29th Jan 1879: Custer Battlefield National Monument, Montana established on this day.


15. 29th Jan 1886: On this day Karl Benz patented the first successful petrol-powered car in Karlsruhe, Germany.
16. 29th Jan 1896: Radiation treatment was used for the first time on this day for the treatment of breast cancer by Emile Grubbe.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day January 29th – The 1900s

17. 29th Jan 1900: The American League was organized in Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis on this day.
18. 29th Jan 1900: Boers led by Joubert beat the English at Spionkop Natal, and 2000 people were killed.
19. 29th Jan 1903: The Dutch railroad workers went on strike on this day.
20. 29th Jan 1905: Unsettled by the rising violence and protest, Tsar Nicolas II of Russia enacted reforms to improve the conditions of workers.
21. 29th Jan 1907: Charles Curtis became the first Native American to become a Senator when he became the Senator of Kansas on this day.


22. 29th Jan 1908: In Cornell University the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity was incorporated on this day.
23. 29th Jan 1916: The first Bombing of Paris by the German Zeppelins took place on this day.
24. 29th Jan 1917: British submarine K13 sank in Gaire Loch, Scotland killing 32 of her crew members.
25. 29th Jan 1918: The battle of Ukraine between Ukraine and the Soviets takes place on this day.
26. 29th Jan 1920: Animator Walt Disney starts work as an artist with KC Slide Co for $40 a week.
27. 29th Jan 1921: Washington and Oregon were hit by a hurricane on this day.
28. 29th Jan 1922: The Union of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador dissolved on this day.
29. 29th Jan 1923: This day marks the first flight of autogiro (Juan de la Cierva, Madrid Spain).
30. 29th Jan 1924: Carl Taylor patented the ice cream cone rolling machine in Cleveland on this day.
31. 29th Jan 1925: David Lloyd George on this day was chosen as the leader of the British Liberal Party.
32. 29th Jan 1927: This day marks the formation of the fourth German government of Marx.
33. 29th Jan 1929: The Seeing Eye Guide Dog organization for the benefit of the blind was formed in the USA.


34. 29th Jan 1932: Australian cricketer Bill OReilly made his test debut on this day in Adelaide against South Africa.
35. 29th Jan 1933: Adolf Hitler was on this day appointed as chancellor by the German President Paul Von Hindenburg.
36. 29th Jan 1940: In the 33rd Australian women’s championship, Nancye Wynne beat Thelma Cone (5-7, 6-4, 6-0).
37. 29th Jan 1940: In the 33rd Australian men’s championship Adrian Quist beat Jack Crawford (6-3, 6-1, 6-2).
38. 29th Jan 1941: On this day Alexandros Koryzis becomes the Prime Minister of Greece.
39. 29th Jan 1942: Roy Plomley Desert Island Discs was first broadcast on BBC radio on this day.
40. 29th Jan 1942: Benghazi in Libya was occupied on this day by the German and Italian troops.
41. 29th Jan 1942: The Protocol of Rio for boundary determination was signed by Peru and Ecuador.
42. 29th Jan 1943: There was a collision between Japanese submarine I-1 and a New Zealand cruise Kiwi.
43. 29th Jan 1943: On the first day of the Battle of Rennell Island, U.S. cruiser Chicago was heavily damaged by the Japanese bombers.
44. 29th Jan 1944: 285 German bombers launch an attack on London.

45. 29th Jan 1944: The U.S. Navy launches USS Missouri, the last battleship commissioned by the US Navy.
46. 29th Jan 1944: During World War II 38 people (men, women, and children) lost their lives in the Koniuchy massacre in Poland.
47. 29th Jan 1946: In the 34th men’s Australian championship John Bromwich beat Dinny Pails (5-7, 6-3, 7-5, 3-6, 6-2).
48. 29th Jan 1946: In the 34th women’s Australian championship Nancye Wynne Bolton beat Joyce Fitch in straight sets (6-4, 6-4).
49. 29th Jan 1947: All My Songs by Arthur Miller premiers in New York City.
50. 29th Jan 1948: Yankees, Cubs, and Phillies were fined $500 each by Commissioner Happy Chandler for signing high school players.
51. 29th Jan 1948: Look Ma, Im Dancin opens at Adelphi Theater in New York City for 188 performances.
52. 29th Jan 1948: The Pakistan Socialist Party was founded on this day.

53. 29th Jan 1949: Israel was recognized on this day by England, Belgium, Lux, Netherlands, New Zealand and Switzerland.
54. 29th Jan 1953: This day marks the Premier of the first Cinemascope movie The Robe which was based on the book written by Lloyd C. Douglas. It was directed by Henry Koster.
55. 29th Jan 1954: Composer and painter Arnold Schoenbergs De Profundis premieres in Cologne.
56. 29th Jan 1955: John Williams Cox buys Yankee Stadium. He sold the grounds to the Knights of Columbus and left the structure to Rice University.
57. 29th Jan 1957: Writer Graham Greenes Potting Shed Premieres on this day in New York City.
58. 29th Jan 1958: On this day police in Wyoming capture murderer Charles Starkweather
59. 29th Jan 1959: The Great Smog hits London causing several deaths due to chest and lung-related illnesses.
60. 29th Jan 1959: This day marks the release of Sleeping Beauty by Walt Disney.
61. 29th Jan 1964: The ninth Winter Olympic Games opens on this day in Innsbruck, Austria.
62. 29th Jan 1964: The unmanned Apollo 1 Saturn launcher test attains Earth’s orbit on this day.
63. 29th Jan 1966: There was a snowstorm in the northeast U.S. 165 people were killed in the storm.
64. 29th Jan 1966: Bill Lawry and Bobby Simpson complete 244 run opening wicket stand for Australia against England in Adelaide.

65. 29th Jan 1967: Kees Verkerk became the European skating champion.
66. 29th Jan 1968: On this day Nauru, formerly known as Pleasant Island, adopts its Constitution.
67. 29th Jan 1968: In the 56 Australian women championship Billie Jean King beat Margaret Court in straight sets (6-1, 6-2).
68. 29th Jan 1968: In the 56th Australian men’s championship William Bowrey beat Juan Gisbert Sr (7-5, 2-6, 9-7,6-4).
69. 29th Jan 1969: Jimi Hendrix and Peter Townshend wage a battle of guitars.
70. 29th Jan 1970: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakhstan, U.S.S.R.
71. 29th Jan 1971: Legendary Australian pace bowler Dennis Lillee makes his test debut against England at Adelaide.
72. 29th Jan 1974: Kuwait on this day announced that there would be 60% government participation in BP-Gulf concession.
73. 29th Jan 1976: Fire destroys Zeiss planetarium in Hague.

74. 29th Jan 1976: The IRA set off bombs in London’s West End. One person was killed.
75. 29th Jan 1978: Aerosol sprays were outlawed by Sweden because of their harmful effect on the ozone layer. It became the first nation to enact such a law.
76. 29th Jan 1979: Leader of the Chinese Communist Party and vice-premier Deng Xiaoping visits Washington DC.
77. 29th Jan 1979: Patricia Hearst 7 year sentence was commuted to 2 years by US President Jimmy Carter on this day.
78. 29th Jan 1980: Six US hostages held by Iranians escape with the help of Canadians.
79. 29th Jan 1984: US launch Space Shuttle 41-B, Challenger on this day.
80. 29th Jan 1984: US President Ronald Regan announces formally his intention to seek a second term as President.
81. 29th Jan 1985: Oxford University refused to award an honorary degree to British Prime Minister Margaret Thacher.
82. 29th Jan 1986: Yoweri Museveni was on this day sworn in as President of Uganda.
83. 29th Jan 1986: There was heavy trading in the New York Stock Exchange. 193.8 million shares were traded on this day.
84. 29th Jan 1987: A rebellion against the government in the Philippines was put down by the President of the Philippines in Manila.
85. 29th Jan 1987: The term of the 13th director of the CIA William J Casey ends on this day.
86. 29th Jan 1988: The United Airlines Boeing 747SP circled the world in 36 hours 54 minutes and 15 seconds.

87. 29th Jan 1989: Barbara Harris became the first female bishop on this day when the Episcopal Church of the United States appointed her as bishop.
88. 29th Jan 1989: USSR Phobos II enters the orbit of Mars on this day.
89. 29th Jan 1989: In the 77th men’s Australian Open championship Ivan Lendl beat Miloslav Mecii in straight sets (60-2, 6-2, 6-2).
90. 29th Jan 1989: In the s77th women’s Australian Open championship Steffi Graf beat Helena Sukova in straight sets (6-4, 6-4).
91. 29th Jan 1998: Women’s clinic in Birmingham Alabama was bombed killing one person.
92. 29th Jan 1998: Thick Fog creates carnage in Belgium and the Netherlands. Six people lost their lives.

21st Century – January 29 This Day In History – The 2000s

93. 29th Jan 2002: President George W Bush likens Iraq, Iran, and North Korea to axes of evil in his
state of the Union address.
94. 29th Jan 2011: A 31.6-carat Fancy Deep Blue diamond the Wittelsback-Graf Diamond which was once part of Austrian and Bavarian Crown jewels, is displaced at the Smithsonian.
95. 29th Jan 2011: Madonna and Child a 450-year-old painting by Titian was sold for a record $16.9 million.
96. 29th Jan 2011: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak appointed Omar Suleiman as Vice President, the first office existing under the president for 30 years.
97. 29th Jan 2012: As a measure of reform an economic package increasing taxes and a proposal of a new tax on financial transactions was presented by French President Nicolas Sarkozy.
98. 29th Jan 2013: The US Senate confirmed that US Senator John Kerry would be the next Secretary of State.

99. 29th Jan 2014: Shanghai and Hong Kong halt live poultry sales after the third death from H7N9 bird flu is reported in Hong Kong. China reported 19 deaths and 96 infections at the beginning of 2014.
100. 29th Jan 2014: The Southern States of the U.S., Georgia, Louisiana, and South Carolina experience snow and ice. Temperature dipped from 10 to 20 degrees below normal. 3400 flights were canceled and a state of emergency was declared.

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