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Famous Events For January 22

Famous Events For January 22 – Today In History

January 22: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – January 22  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 22nd Jan 1371: On this day King Robert II Stuart of Scotland was coroneted.
2. 22nd Jan 1506: This day marks the arrival of 150 strong first contingent of Swiss guards at the Vatican.
3. 22nd Jan 1510: On this day Jews were expelled from Colmar.
4. 22nd Jan 1517: On the day Ottoman forces conquered the capital city of Mumluk Sulatanate “Cairo”.
5. 22nd Jan 1557: The Queen of England Queen Elizabeth I grants a music press monopoly to Thomas Tallis and William Byrd.


6. 22nd Jan 1584: On this day some parts of Switzerland adopted the Gregorian calendar.
7. 22nd Jan 1673: On this day the regular postal service between New York and Boston was inaugurated.
8. 22nd Jan 1689: On this day Lord Halifax became the Speaker of the House of Lords in England.
9. 22nd Jan 1689: The Convention Parliament was summoned on this day by Prince William of Orange to discuss ruling jointly with his wife Mary who was the daughter of exiled King James II.
10. 22nd Jan 1690: Iroquois tribes aligned themselves again with the British to fight the French.

18th Century – What Happened on January 22 – The 1700s

11. 22nd Jan 1758: On this day Königsberg in East Prussia was occupied by the Russian forces.
12. 22nd Jan 1760: In the Battle of Wandewash fought in India between the British and the French, the British defeated the French.
13. 22nd Jan 1771: The Falkland Islands were ceded to Britain by Spain.
14. 22nd Jan 1775: Jews were expelled from Warsaw in Poland by Marshal Oscar Von Lubomirski.


19th Century – January 22 This Day That Year – The 1800s

15. 22nd Jan 1813: In the American Civil War, Americans captured Frenchtown in Michigan Territory on this day.
16. 22nd Jan 1817: On this day the British frigate Diana sank off the Malayan coast.
17. 22nd Jan 1837: Earthquake strikes southern Syria. Thousands of people lost their lives in the quake.
18. 22nd Jan 1850: On this day Alta California became the first daily paper in California.
19. 22nd Jan 1873: SS Northfleet a British ship san at Dungeness in England. About 300 people lost their lives.
20. 22nd Jan 1877: An Anglican clergyman Arthur Tooth was taken into custody on this day. He was prosecuted for using ritualistic practices.
21. 22nd Jan 1879: On this James Shield after serving as senator from Illinois and Minnesota earlier, was elected as senator from Missouri.
22. 22nd Jan 1879: A British Army camp in Isandhlwana in South Africa was attacked on this day by Zulu warriors.
23. 22nd Jan 1879: A British garrison of 150 holds 3000 to 4000 strong Zulu Warriors in South Africa. The defenders were decorated by 11 Victoria Cross and several other decorations.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day January 22nd – The 1900s

24. 22nd Jan 1981: On this day “Cleopatra’s Needle”, an ancient Egyptian obelisk was erected in Central Park in New York.
25. 22nd Jan 1989: The Columbia Phonograph was formed on this day in Washington D.C.
26. 22nd Jan 1895: On this day the National Association of Manufacturers was organized in Cincinnati.
27. 22nd Jan 1899: In Melbourne, Australia, Leaders of six Australian colonies met to discuss confederation.
28. 22nd Jan 1901: On this day Britain stopped the sale of Queen Victoria’s postage stamp. This has been sold for the last 63 years. This was replaced by postage stamps of the King Edward VII series.
29. 22nd Jan 1903: On this day the Colombian Charge d’affaires signed the Hey-Herran Treaty concerning the right of the USA to the Panama Canal in Washington D.C. This was not ratified.
30. 22nd Jan 1905: In St Petersburg in Russia, Father Gapon led a large demonstration of workers who marched to the Winter Palace with the petition to the Tsar. This day became known as “Bloody Sunday” as troops fired on the protesters.
31. 22nd Jan 1906: On this day SS Valencia ran aground on the rocks of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. The accident resulted in the death of more than 130 People.


32. 22nd Jan 1918: On this day Ukraine was proclaimed as a free republic.
33. 22nd Jan 1924: Stanley Baldwin’s government resigns in Great Britain on this day.
34. 22nd Jan 1924: This day marks the opening of the Dutch Blast Furnace and Steel Factory.
35. 22nd Jan 1925: The Albania Republic was proclaimed on this day under President Achmed Zogu.
36. 22nd Jan 1929: On this day a new dry bill was introduced to the Congress by Senator Bryant. The bill aimed to put in place stiffer penalties for those who buy or sell alcoholic beverages, which was prohibited.
37. 22nd Jan 1929: On this day the bill to exempt farmers from paying 5 cents gas tax was rejected by the Senate.
38. 22nd Jan 1930: On this day the excavation work for the construction of the Empire State Building began. It was the world’s tallest building and was completed 410 days after the start of construction.
39. 22nd Jan 1931: A public broadcasting organization in Netherlands “VARA” began its experimental TV broadcast in Diamantbeurs, Amsterdam on this day.
40. 22nd Jan 1931: On this day Sir Isaac Isaacs was sworn in as Governor-General of Australia. He was the first Austrian-born Governor-General of Australia.
41. 22nd Jan 1936: The French Laval government fell on this day.

42. 22nd Jan 1941: The first mass killing of Jews took place in Romania on this day.
43. 22nd Jan 1941: Tobruk was captured by British/Australian troops from the Italians on this day and tens of thousands of Italian occupants were taken prisoners on this day.
44. 22nd Jan 1942: On this day Ernest Kanzler, a former associate of Henry Ford was put in charge of wartime production of automobiles. He was in charge of making decisions. His decision to make tools for other companies led to the highest productivity.
45. 22nd Jan 1943: The July 10th Invasion of Sicily was determined by the Allied Joint Chiefs of Staff on this day.
46. 22nd Jan 1943: On this day America bombed Italian Railroads to block Hitler from giving a lecture to Italian leader Benito Mussolini.
47. 22nd Jan 1943: In the Battle of Anzio of the Italian campaign allied amphibious landing was stopped.
48. 22nd Jan 1944: Allied forces began landing on the Italian mainland at Anzio on this day.
49. 22nd Jan 1945: This day marks the reopening of the Burma highway.
50. 22nd Jan 1945: The US launched heavy air raids on Okinawa on this day.
51. 22nd Jan 1946: On this day the US President set up the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
52. 22nd Jan 1947: Today marked the opening of the first commercial TV station west of Mississippi, Hollywood.

53. 22nd Jan 1947: KTLA, Channel 5, a television channel located in Los Angeles California, begins broadcasting on this day.
54. 22nd Jan 1949: The telephone exchange in Chinatown was closed on this day.
55. 22nd Jan 1951: Johncrowe Ransom was awarded the Bollingen Prize for poetry.
56. 22nd Jan 1955: On this day Einar Gerhardsen forms government in Norway.
57. 22nd Jan 1956: There was a train crash in Los Angeles. The Crash killed 30 people.
58. 22nd Jan 1956: This day marks the formation of the Canadian Football Council.
59. 22nd Jan 1957: Israeli forces withdrew from the Sinai Peninsula on this day.
60. 22nd Jan 1957: On this day a New York man known as the “Mad Bomber” confessed to planting about 30 bombs within New York City due to pent-up anger built within him for many years.
61. 22nd Jan 1957: Geroge P Metesky who was also known as a mad bomber and accused of 30 explosions was arrested on this day.
62. 22nd Jan 1959: On this day the US Air Force concluded that less than 1% of UFOs are unknown objects.
63. 22nd Jan 1962: Cuba’s membership was suspended on this day by the Organization of American States.

64. 22nd Jan 1963: The Elysee Treaty of cooperation between France and Germany was signed by Presided Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer on this day.
65. 22nd Jan 1964: On this day the world’s largest cheese weighing 15,723 Kg. was manufactured in Wisconsin for the World Fair in New York.
66. 22nd Jan 1964: Kenneth Kaunda became the Prime Minister of Zambia or Northern Rhodesia on this day.
67. 22nd Jan 1965: A weather satellite, TIROS 9 was launched by the US.
68. 22nd Jan 1968: On this day Apollo 5 was launched to the moon with an unmanned lunar module which was shaped like a bug and weighed about 16 tons.
69. 22nd Jan 1969: On this day an Orbiting Solar Observatory 5 was launched into the earth’s orbit.
70. 22nd Jan 1970: On this day the first commercial Boeing 747 flight from New York to London was started. The distance was covered in about six and a half hours.
71. 22nd Jan 1972: In a railway accident in East St. Louis, Illinois railway, a rail-car carrying petroleum ruptured and exploded while changing tracks. About 150 people were injured. No death was reported.
72. 22nd Jan 1973: The US Supreme Court on this day legalized abortions within the first three months of pregnancy.
73. 22nd Jan 1973: On this day boundary accord was signed by North Vietnam, South Vietnam, the Vietcong, and the U.S.

74. 22nd Jan 1975: On this day an Earth Resources Technology Satellite, Landsat 2 was launched.
75. 22nd Jan 1979: Tens of thousands of public sector workers go on strike on this day in support of their claim for more pay.
76. 22nd Jan 1980: nuclear physicist and Soviet Dissident Andrei Sakharov along with Jelena Bonner were arrested and deported to Gorky on this day.
77. 22nd Jan 1982: On this day about three-quarters of North America was covered by snow.
78. 22nd Jan 1983: On this day 2nd flight readiness firing was carried on Challenger’s engine. It lasted 22 seconds.
79. 22nd Jan 1985: Florida’s citrus crop was damaged by the Cold Wave. Almost 90% of the crop was damaged by the cold waves.
80. 22nd Jan 1989: On this day a nuclear test was conducted at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan, by the U.S.S.R.
81. 22nd Jan 1993: A new skating world record was established on this day in the 5KM event when Johan Koss skated the distance in 6:38.77.
82. 22nd Jan 1995: On this day there was a bomb attack by Palestine in Beit Lid in Israel. About 22 people were killed.
83. 22nd Jan 1997: On this day space shuttle Atlantis successfully returned to earth.
84. 22nd Jan 1998: Spacecraft Endeavour 12 (STS-89) was successfully launched into orbit on this day.
85. 22nd Jan 1999: On this day radical Hindus set fire to a car in which Australian missionary Graham Staines and his two sons were sleeping. They were burnt alive.

21st Century – January 22 This Day In History – The 2000s

86. 22nd Jan 2001: On this day a pro-vaccine campaign was launched by the British Government.
87. 22nd Jan 2002: On this day Kmart corporation files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. It became the largest retailer in the history of the United States to do so.
88. 22nd Jan 2003: This day marks the last successful contact with spacecraft Pioneer 10, one of the most distant man-made objects.
89. 22nd Jan 2003: On this day the United Nations reported that there is no link between Iraq and Al Queda.
90. 22nd Jan 2006: On this day Evo Morales becomes the first indigenous president of Bolivia.
91. 22nd Jan 2007: On this day trial of the jury portion against Robert Pickton, accused as one of Canada’s worst serial killers began in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.
92. 22nd Jan 2010: On this day there were huge protests and demonstrations in Venezuela, both for and against President Hugo Chavez’s policies about energy shortages and currency re-evaluation.
93. 22nd Jan 2012: The first round of its Presidential election was held in Finland on this day.
94. 22nd Jan 2013: On this day in the hope of ending deflation doubled its inflation target to 2% and announced open-ended asset purchases for the year 2014.
95. 22nd Jan 2013: On this day scientists in China discovered an ancient human fossil in a cave near Beijing which was 40,000 years old. The leg bone shows it was related to the ancestors of present-day Asians or Native Americans.
96. 2 2nd Jan 2013: On this day a series of car bombings took place in Bagdad city killing 17 people.
97. 22nd Jan 2014: On this day water vapor was detected on the dwarf planet Ceres.

98. 22nd Jan 2014: On this day a rare, blue, 29.6-carat diamond was mined at Cullinan mine, about 25 miles northeast of Pretoria in South Africa.
99. 22nd Jan 2015: The European Central Bank on this day initiated a program of printing Euros for the purchase of government-issued debt instruments. This is aimed at improving the economy within the eurozone.
100. 22nd Jan 2016: On this day about 500 motorists were stranded for 24 hours on the New Jersey turnpike in Pennsylvania due to winter storm conditions.

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