Grass Symbolism & Meanings

Grass Symbolism

Sometimes symbolism is strange and mysterious. It can cover an array of exciting animals like tigers and venomous snakes. However symbolism is not lost on the mundane, even if that mundane thing is simply grass. Everything has symbolism to some extent, even if it’s something that many people take for granted.

So, what’s so important about grass? Why does symbolism about grass even matter? Symbolism in all things matter, and by learning about something’s symbolism you may learn to appreciate it more. Dreaming about grass is even symbolic! Every aspect of grass adds a bit of symbolic meaning to it, which is exactly what this article will discuss.

Of one the unique things about the grass symbol is that you never find just one blade of grass by itself. You can find flowers, trees, animals, and people who spend their time alone, but grass is also surrounded by more grass. This makes grass a great symbol for community and togetherness. Grass lives together and die together. You can’t mow only one blade of grass when you try to manicure your lawn.

This shows that all grass is connected to each other in one way or another in some way. In the same way, humans are all connected to each other as well. If one person dies it rarely only affects their life. They are likely to have families and friends who will be affected by their death. In a broader sense, anything that a person does will affect someone else in one way or another. This helps to show that we are all connected, even if we have never met.


Color Symbolism For Grass

Another aspect of grass symbolism that adds to its color meaning. As most people know already, the color of healthy and well-nourished grass is green. The color green has its own symbolism that helps to add to the symbolism of grass. Since only healthy grass is green, it makes sense that green on its own is a symbol for health or general well-being. When grass, or any other plant loses its green coloring you can tell that it’s starting to die. Green is also a symbol for abundance, which is also similar to grass because of it’s symbolism for community and togetherness.

Again, you never see a little bit of grass at a time, it always seems like there is an abundance of grass. Grass also makes a great symbol for growth and expansion. As you can tell, a large part of grasses’ symbolism comes from it’s ability to grow in numbers. Fields are full of grass, the forests have grass in them, even suburban lawns have so much grass that they need to be mowed regularly. All of these traits of grass make up it’s symbolism. It also adds to its meaning when you see grass in a dream.

Dream Interpretation

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Grass dream symbolism is much like grass symbolism in general. If you see healthy green grass, then it stands for good things to come. You may have more love in your life in the future, be healthier mentally or physically, or your life may expand in some way.

Dreaming of grass also has a lot to do with community. It is likely that you have just made a friend, or are about to, if you are dreaming of grass. If you are dreaming of withered or dying grass, then it may mean that you need to water the grass in your own life – repair your connections with friends or family. You may need to reestablish bonds with the people you care about, or make your current bonds stronger.

Over all, the grass symbolic meaning is all about being together. Even humans can learn from grass. We all work together in a way, and are affected by each other’s actions. If we want to make a greener world, or better human connections, then we all need to work together to get things done.

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