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Neptune In 11th House Meaning: Being Smart

Neptune In 11th House Meaning: Dreaming Big

Most of the characteristics of Neptune in the 11th house is that you have to dream of big things to achieve. So, you have Neptune in 11th house astrology as a pillar to getting the good values of life.


Besides, taking responsibility for great steps is the best action towards success. The most important goal is doing activities that contribute towards a strong future. The Neptune in 11th house celebrities connect you to the right strategies crucial to your life. Therefore, the Neptune in the eleventh house personality is an important aspect of your life.

What Happens When Neptune Is In 11th House?

Love and relationships with Neptune in the eleventh house marriage are a leading course of life. Hence, you have the inner strength that can be essential to streamline your struggles. The Neptune in the 11th house career expounds on goals that can change your fate.


Therefore, nothing will come easy when you don’t plan well. The Neptune in the eleventh house husband can set good priorities for your future. Do not lose the urge to achieve the right things in your plans. Also, Neptune in the 11th house mother emphasizes sticking to something that gives meaning to your future.

Importance Of Neptune In Eleventh House

First, is Neptune in the 11th House good or bad? You have the power to discern from anything that is not giving you the right impression. Besides, it shows the direction that will accrue many things. Therefore, the effects of Neptune in the 11th House are that you can dream of better ways of improving your life. So, the benefit of Neptune in the 11th House is you will start to imagine having a great future.

Neptune in the Eleventh House of the Natal Chart

What happens when Neptune is in the 11th House? These people will make good volunteers.

11th House Also Known As the House Of Friendships

Ruling Planet: Saturn, Uranus

Ruling Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Neptune In 11th House Celebrities: William Shakespeare, Michael Douglas, Alfred Hitchcock, Shania Twain, Oscar Pistorius, Michelangelo

Positive Keywords for Neptune In 11th House: Dreamy, Responsible, Idealistic, Humanitarian, Bright, Intuitive

Shadow Keywords for Neptune In 11th House: Elusive, Difficult, Moody, Unbalanced, Peculiar, Quirky

Personality Traits

You are very romantic in the eleventh House, and Neptune takes that a step further. Sometimes this is good, for it helps you to stay on track and achieve your goal. Other times, you reach that goal, but it isn’t enough, and you want more. Finding a balance is difficult.


Neptune represents dreams, mysticism, and idealism, and the eleventh House prides itself on your intuition and imagination. You also have lofty ideas of changing the world for the better, and you often follow through on your humanitarian pursuits. But sometimes, your grand theories aren’t enough for you, and you want to go even further than you ever imagined.


Neptune in the 11th House, people love a challenge and seek difficult questions or situations to solve to remain present in reality. Because of this, you can have problems figuring out what to do with your life since you need a lot of mental stimulation to keep you interested.

The neptune in eleventh house

Neptune In 11th House: Positive Traits

If you have Neptune in the eleventh House, you need to see things and people for what and who they are. Rather than how you would like them to be. The strange thing is you are very open and accepting of people from all walks of life. You try not to pass judgment on those who are different. Read about Neptune’s symbolism in astrology here.

You are known for being very peculiar or quirky, and you like to hang out with those of a like mind. So focus on that aspect of your relationships rather than wanting something beyond that wonderful connection. You often look for more meaning in something when there’s already plenty in your life.

Neptune In 11th House: Negative Traits

You have to be careful not to set your sights too high, or you will never reach true enlightenment. Start a bit smaller and work your way toward bigger goals. That way, you will have experience on your side rather than just big ideas.

You also yearn for a close connection with friends and loved ones, so much so that you feel you may never find it. It can put a lot of pressure on your social circle to live up to high expectations that may not bring anything but frustration to the marriage or relationship.

With all of these assumptions, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment a lot, and that can be not very encouraging. The only thing you have to be cautious of in your choice of friends is getting taken advantage of by those who use your open mind as a way to deceive you.


In 11th House, you are bright and intuitive, so you usually have a good sense of who wants to be friends or lovers for the right reasons. But once in a while, some are just as cunning as you are and can disguise themselves as something they aren’t. Be on the lookout for anyone who asks you to give more than you are comfortable with, for you have a soft spot in your heart for the underdog.

Your compassion can be against you if you’re not careful. Sometimes, these things turn out to be a misunderstanding between lovers, friends, or loved ones who may not realize you weren’t on the same page. Be honest when confronting other people. Those with good intentions will stand out to you as such. At the same time, those trying to use you may show their true colors. Go with your gut.

Imaginative life is the one that will depict the good progress for your dreams. So, the Neptune in the 11th House gives you the best response as you yearn for a better future. Also, the Neptune in the eleventh house wealth is the one that is crucial to the steps you are about to take.

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