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Venus In 11th House Meaning

Venus in the Eleventh House of the Natal Chart

What does Venus in 11th house mean? You are different from others and look for a partner who is unique.

11th House Also Known As: House Of Friendships

Ruling Planet: Saturn, Uranus

Ruling Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Venus In 11th House Celebrities: Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Keanu Reeves, Al Pacino, Bruce Lee

Positive Keywords for Venus In 11th House: Logical, Quirky, Social, Original, Unique, Unconventional, Trusting

Shadow Keywords for Venus In 11th House: Difficult, Demanding, Finicky, Demanding


Venus In Eleventh House: Personality Traits

Friendship is the most important aspect of love for Venus in the 11th house and is the main thing that keeps you around. Even if the romantic aspects are not there, you feel as if there is enough to sustain a fulfilling relationship. Your logical mind supersedes your emotional state.


Because of your quirky personality, you look for someone who also has unique traits or characteristics. Venus is all about love, enjoyment, luxuries, pleasures, and creativity. In the eleventh house, you focus on those things that differentiate one person from another.


You want someone who rises above the others and goes against the grain because that’s what gives you the most joy in life. You don’t like anything conventional, least of all a romantic relationship.

The Venus In 11th House

Venus In 11th House: Positive Traits

Venus in 11th house meaning predicts that luckily you are a social creature who likes to be out and about sharing ideas and activities with friends and loved ones. Your need to bounce your original ideas and theories off others keeps you in great shape for meeting someone new and exciting.


You have a large social network, and that is often how you meet different and interesting people. And before you know it, you’re spending time with one person. In particular, you are building a friendship that you hope will lead to a long-term commitment. You don’t care about looks as much either. It’s their mind and their personality that makes you want to know more.

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Sure, someone attractive can be just as deep as someone who is less so. But the point is, it’s not about the outside. It’s what’s inside that matters to you. And you enjoy asking questions and getting to know people, for it activates the side of you that enjoys research and learning new things. This is the most exciting part for you as Aquarius is your ruling zodiac sign.


Venus In 11th House: Negative Traits

Venus in 11th house astrology asks you to be careful that you need to find a quirky or unique individual doesn’t sabotage your ability to do so. Not everyone is as unconventional as you are, but may still be a good fit for your personality. You can be a difficult person to get along with because of your desire to always be different. So learn to appreciate those who put up with that part of you.


Make sure to give someone a chance before officially deciding they aren’t unusual enough for you. Sometimes the best and most unique gifts come in plain wrapping paper. But once you get past the outside layers, you find something intriguing and wonderful that you never would’ve guessed was there.


With Venus in 11th house, you don’t care about grand sweeping gestures or soft touches or anything that goes along with the typical partnership. But someone who suggests a strange date outing or surprises you with a practical gift you’ve meant to get for yourself turns your head every time. This individual has to be smart, creative, and possess that one thing you don’t see in people every day. That’s the only way to maintain your finicky interest level.


Use your open mind not just for new ideas, but for accepting new people as well. Instead of going into a relationship with such high expectations, bring them down to more realistic levels. Get to know someone before placing them in a certain category. You never know what you might find if you don’t let yourself explore the depths of someone else’s mind.

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