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Rat And Monkey Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Introduction: Chinese Rat & Monkey Zodiac Signs

The Chinese zodiac sign Monkey is one to crave constant stimulation and is often involved in many activities to keep them busy. They are always out for themselves, but not in a bad insensitive manner, they are simply curious. They are unable to admit their faults. They need to learn to think of others.

The rat animal sign need to stimulation and love of social events really makes this pair compatible. A rat’s love of friends and family may be able to shine some light on the monkey in this aspect.

rat monkey compatibility

Rat Monkey Love Compatibility

The rat and monkey in love make an incredibly energetic pair. Both the rat and monkey thrive on social gatherings and parties. These two really have a great time together; they feed off one another’s energy. One is a born performer and loves being the center of attention. While the other loves to be social and not exactly in the direct spotlight.

In bed, monkey and rat need to be careful. The rat’s possessive, jealous tendencies can become an issue with the monkey. If this becomes an issue for the monkey, they may stray and be unfaithful. If the rat can learn to control these possessive qualities these two will be okay sexually.

These two Chinese zodiac signs truly are suited for one another, in nearly all relationships between the monkey and the rat they will both thrive. With their natural love of excitement and variety the monkey and the rat can enjoy travel, the arts, the nightlife, and so much more.

This zodiac pairing is a classic version of the whole idea that birds of a feather flock together, their similarities draw to them together. The rat just needs to make sure that their jealous tendencies don’t push the monkey into straying.

A Monkey man and Rat woman marriage compatibility too works out very well. She will openly adore him and he will appreciate her finer qualities; charm, intelligence, and her spontaneity. They share an amazing sense of humor between them.

Some occasional arguments and competition can occur in the rat and monkey love compatibility over their enormous egos. The monkey and the rat both love to argue with one another, but it’s more of a game or small competition between the two and usually ends quickly and never in a breakup.

Chinese horoscope compatibility predicts that a relationship between a Rat man and Monkey woman will still flourish fabulously, unless the monkey strays. The rat can become extremely jealous of her flirtatious nature and become a little too possessive. The Rat and Monkey friendship is awesome and this helps sustain their relationship even through the tough times.

In a business relationship the rat monkey compatibility can be an unstoppable force. These two Chinese astrology signs both love money and power. Even though it is important for the monkey to be in the spot light and to be in charge, the rat needs to the donkey work actually making sure things run smoothly for their business.

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