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7 Most Important Ethics of a Psychic Reading

Psychic reading and 7 Ethics

Psychic reading is a medium of information exchange, insight-giving, mental representation, and a significant interpretation of various media relating to human behavior and psychology. Let’s find out more about the ethics of a psychic reading.

The art of psychic reading and medium used to have a very close relationship that can be likened to that of the sailor and his ship. It varies across psychics, and mediums can be honed over time for a flawless delivery. Sometimes, however, individual reputation can be tested and may fail.


This is not because they do not have these reading abilities, but because they have chosen in different circumstances the inappropriate methods of approach.  People who have faked their abilities do not only end up losing people’s trust; they succeed without a doubt in watering down their self-esteem.

Thankfully, however, some well-meaning individuals have disciplined themselves to make clients’ satisfaction a priority. This set of people operates with a code of ethics with the sole purpose of attaining the best possible experience.


Ethics for a Psychic Reading: Codes and Rules

The primary purpose of the ethical code is to enable people to live up to their decisions and take responsibility when things go south. It works by setting out values in the job undertaken and in the integrity of the persons involved.

There is also a need to do away with all negative energies and place focus on the welfare of the many parties. It is also important to know the boundaries and respect subjects enough not to push too far from comfort.

Psychic reading involves venturing into the world of the individual involved as much as collecting information about their personal lives, career, hobbies, turn and turn-offs, etc. The following are important ethics to observe in any psychic reading.


Ask for permission

In a world where the slightest personal information runs wild and free, and secrets are prone to be revealed to public eyes, people very well value their privacy more than words can express. How would you like someone poking into your deepest, darkest side without permission because they possess the ability to do so?

It is not only paramount to be kind and homely, but it is also necessary to let them decide whether or not they will let you in and how much information they are willing to let you have access to per time.


Personal and Judgmental feelings

Maintaining a professional relationship at all times helps the reader grow and mature. Of course, clients will become enamored with you, especially the more sensitive ones. Once there are green lights, you could refer him or her to another reader or set a limit.

On the other hand, your thoughts or comments should be kept on lock when reading. You were not consulted to judge, bad mouth, or trample upon anyone’s feelings.

Whatever betides, it is not your responsibility to say what you feel or do not feel. For example, an alcoholic whose children barely have a grip on themselves would perceive booking a reading as an escape; all they want to do is talk and be better. Being positive will surely help them.

Avoid Absolutes

Because there are no certainties of future events, speaking in Absolutes should be avoided. Our ability to change our decisions at times because of various circumstances supersede all. Saying things like ‘you will score the winning goal should be avoided.

If he never makes it to the game or says he took ill or was injured during training, this for sure will cause a change in events and mistrust.

Do not make decisions for them

Oftentimes time clients will come with burdens and indecision at choosing on their own. Questions asked maybe, should I divorce my husband or wife?  Can I keep smoking? Should I quit school?

This will place you in a tight spot for you want to provide answers and leave them to their freedom of choice and decision-making. It is important to be smart in order not to lose their connection to free will. You do not want to get feedback such as ‘You told me to marry him, and now we’re divorced.

Remember that you are to help, guide, and counsel. Remind them of the joy of freedom and taking responsibility for making and executing decisions without fear or push. This tends to show a level of independence on their part.

Maintain a perfect level of confidentiality

Confidentiality is a major backbone of many relationships, be it business or pleasure. Psychic reading serves as an avenue to possess various forms of information that can be sensitive and open to criticism.

Treating information with great respect and not making assumptions becomes a necessity.  It means also that you should never use the information for other purposes except if they permit you.

You are to share with no one the content or details of the information received, and you are to store information securely. Because of the sensitivity of some information sometimes, people take the code of silence, most of which is liable to legal actions when broken.

Be time conscious

Keeping to the time when you have an appointment means you value people and the many things with their time. This is one of the greatest resources to possess as a human. When you choose to place importance on peoples’ lives and time, you earn their respect and automatically a broader client base. Time is money, after all.

Be Respectful

Respect is reciprocal. Showing respect starts with being honest about readings; a good reader does not try to force answers or Information on clients; they say things as they are without hurting or mincing words.

Furthermore, they help explore individual abilities without pressure or restraint. Ethical readers respect their clients’ feelings; they do not enforce their religious and spiritual beliefs on them. They should make their opinions known with love and compassion.

This way, clients have their admiration, respect, and regard for the job they do and are readily inclined to follow guidelines.

Observing the ethics of psychic reading does not help you build a reputation. It helps to gain the client’s trust as well.

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