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Rat And Horse Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Introduction: Chinese Rat & Horse Zodiac Signs

When a Chinese horoscope sign rat cares about someone they can be very generous with those individuals. Being family oriented is one the rats best zodiac traits. A rat enjoys being close friendly and affectionate. They love to socialize and be the center of attention. They have  a deep sentimental attachment to things, and are very shrewd with money.

The horse animal sign on the other hand has an overwhelming need for love and intimacy. The horse in known to have more than enough sex appeal, tons of energy and quite the temper. They can be awfully insensitive, this can be problematic for the Rat and Horse relationship as the rat will feel unappreciated.

rat horse compatibility

Rat Horse Love Compatibility

A Rat and Horse in love make quiet an interesting pair. Both the rat and the horse have a constant need for stimulation and quick wits. Be it in bed or as soul mates, their love compatibility is always a battle of wits!

In the beginning of an intimate Rat Horse relationship, things can be very hot and steamy. The rat absolutely loves the unpredictable challenges the horse brings into this relationship. Chinese astrology compatibility predicts that sexually they make a great pair.

The rat male has a tendency to rely on their group of close friends for many things. On the other hand the horse female relies on herself for nearly everything as she is an extremely independent personality. The horse can take this as being clingy.

It is in the Chinese astrology sign horse’s nature to be a wanderer, they often get the urge to up and leave. Then you have the rat that hoards anything that they find to be sentimental, which of course can lead to clutter.

This is one quality that truly will irritate the horse, especially when it’s time to up and go. Due to the clashing qualities of these two Chiense astrology signs, this is a difficult relationship maintain. The Rat Horse marriage breaks up and almost always ends in failure.

The Rat and Horse love compatibility can be a tremendously powerful connection at first between a horse man and rat woman. The problem here is the woman feels no real security from the man.

Often times the horse as a man will make the woman feel as though she is merely a possession of his. This Chinese horoscope love match can actually be prone to ending in a very negative manner, including violence.

When the rolls are reversed and we talk about compatibility between a Horse woman and Rat man, it’s pretty cut and dry, she is too dominating a personality. The rat will become overwhelmed by the horse’s dominant characteristics.

In a business relationship the horse and rat compatibility could actually thrive together. A horse prides itself on being good with finances. Then you have the rat with is shrewd sense of business.

If these two animal signs have the ability to set aside their differences they would have great room for success. Both crave success. Let the rat sit back and use his shrewd sense of business to operate the business behind the scenes.

The horse is best suited for face to face client work and managing finances. With the his ability to reach goals and his partner’s ability to set the goals, this Chinese Rat Horse pair is a match in business.

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Rat & Horse Chinese Horoscope Compatibility Rated 1 Hearts!

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