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Top 6 Myths About Marriage

Top 6 Lies About Marriage

Marriage can be complicated at times and great at others. However, more and more people are asking “what’s the point of getting married?”

With so many marriage myths out there, it’s no wonder that people think like that. This article will outline some of the biggest lies about marriage, as well as debunking them. Read the truth behind these lies to get a better look at what marriage is really like.


#1. Couples who live together act the same as a married couple

In today’s world more and more couples are living with each other before they get married to see if it will work out. Many couples feel that living together is the same as being married, so why bother with getting married at all? What’s the difference? A marriage certificate and a couple of shiny rings?


While there are many similarities in married couples and couples that live together, the truth of the matter is that married couples are more committed than couples who live together.

Married couples trust each other more and have more stable relationships than couples that live together. In fact, surveys have shown that couples that live together better resemble single people rather than a married couple.


#2. Married couples have worse sex than “just dating” couples

Many movies and erotic books try to make it seem like once a person gets married their sex life dies. Movies like to show that the only exciting sex in marriage is in an affair.

Studies have actually shown that married couples are more emotionally satisfied by sex than dating couples. They regret sex less often as well. While it is true that couples have less sex once they have children, this is also true for non-married couples with children. Married sex is exciting, guilt-free, and just as passionate as non-married sex.

#3. Marriage only benefits the woman

Many people might think that marriage only benefits the woman. If she marries a man with a good job then she won’t have to work, and instead she can sit around and take care of the children all day. Marriage actually has many benefits to it, and not just for the wife.


Married men and women have actually been shown to live longer than people who do not get married, are more financially stable, and are generally healthier and happier than non-married couples. It’s nice to know that there are many emotional benefits to marriage, as well as the financial ones.

#4. Couples in a happy marriage never argue

“If you’re really happy in your marriage then why do you argue?” Someone may ask. It is natural for couples to argue every once in a while, even when they are usually happy with each other. Everyone has their differences, even the most compatible couples, and this can sometimes lead to arguments.

The difference is, couples in happy marriages will be able to remedy and work out their arguments faster and in a better way than unhappy married couples or non-married couples.

#5. All marriage paths are the same

Some people may think that if you get married that you are destined to have a couple of kids, take out a mortgage, work a full-time job, and take a family vacation every summer. The fact of the matter is, all marriages are different. There is no one “marriage path” that all married people must go through.

Many married couples never have kids, they might live in a condo, they may both be free-lance artists, or they may travel the whole year except for the summer. The point is, marriage is not a solid path. All couples make their own paths that can be changed. Don’t let the stereotypical sitcom marriage fool you into thinking that all marriages are like that.

#6. Married couples need children to be happy

Some people may think that a marriage needs children be fulfilling, that there’s no point of getting married if you are not going to have children, and that children always make a marriage better. In some marriages, children can drive a couple apart. The only “point” to marriage that should matter is that the two people love and take care of each other.

They don’t need to have children to be happy, and their children or lack of should not be the determining factor of their marriage. Married couples without children can be just as happy as couples with children.

Hopefully these myths about marriage has opened your eyes a bit more on the topic. Don’t let these common myths about marriage cloud your mind on what marriage can really be like.

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