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Madhuri Dixit: The Actresses’ Balanced Personality

Madhuri Dixit Numerology

The names Madhuri Dixit is made up of the following numbers that give the said name meaning.

M + A + D + H + R + I + D + I + X + I + T

= 4 + 1 + 4 + 5 + 2 + 1 + 4 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 4

= 5


Meaning of the Numbers in Madhuri Dixit

Personality Number 4 = Uranus

In her name 4 Numerology or Uranus is present four times. Uranus indicates name, fame, and popularity. This could well be the secret behind the phenomenal success of Madhuri Dixit. But having 4 or Uranus, 4 times in the name also has its own pros and cons. It makes the person more stubborn and popular. There is a certain stubborn trait in Madhuri Dixit. One must consider oneself very fortunate to have Uranus 4 times in one’s name. It always helps one get more than what one wishes to have.


When Madhuri Dixit entered the film industry, she had to struggle in the initial years and there were hardly any movies of her that one could call a commercial success. Her early years were indeed a struggle. But slowly steadily she grew strong and better. It was much later in 1988 that she got her career’s big break and a big hit movie with ‘Tezaab’.


Madhuri Dixit Personality Number 1 = Sun

Sun or 1 appears four times in her name. Sun indicates name, fame, popularity, and glamour. No wonder that Madhuri Dixit was once the reigning and undisputed queen of Bollywood. Movies of her used to run houseful because people used to flock to the theatre to watch the movie just because of her presence. She not only created a position for herself in Bollywood but also created her own identity. Madhuri Dixit was and is one of the most talented actresses that Bollywood has produced. She has been appreciated for her acting and dancing ability.


During her reign, there was hardly any actress who could dance as well as her. She was the only actress who could carry a movie on her shoulders. For an actress to do it say a lot about her talent and popularity. The song ‘Ek, Do, Teen’ from ‘Tezaab’ had become the most popular national song when the movie was released. Madhuri with her dancing was hugely responsible for the popularity along with the catchy tune of the song. Sun or 1 appearing four times in her name has helped her to become one of the popular actresses of Bollywood.

Madhuri Dixit Personality Number 5 = Mercury

Mercury represents intelligence and Madhuri Dixit in many ways has proved this. For example, she got married at the right time to a person not connected to the film industry. She married at a time when her career was at its peak. She married Dr. Nene who was based in the United States. This just proved that she had her head and heart at the right place. She knew that in her Bollywood career she would stay on the top permanently.

Bollywood is a place where once the female actress crosses the age of thirty, getting good roles becomes a bit difficult. Hence there was no guarantee of permanent success in Bollywood because an actor or actress is rated and measured by his or her last movie’s success. Madhuri Dixit took the right decision at right time and said goodbye to the arc lights and glamor industry. It would have been a difficult decision but credit must be given to her for making the decision at the right time.

Guess this comes from her upbringing and middle-class background. She enjoyed her married life just like any woman would like to, away from India and at a place where not many people recognized her. She was thus able to lead a normal life which she would have been not able to had she stayed in India.

Madhuri Dixit’s Comeback

Madhuri Dixit made a comeback to the film industry after she was settled in her family life and completely enjoyed her married life. She is now acting in movies that have author-backed roles for her or in movies where she plays the central character. She is also doing her bit on the small screen and making appearances on reality shows as a judge.

All this surely does bring into focus her intelligence and Mercury has helped in keeping her level-headed. Mercury also helps one to assess and read a situation correctly in terms of it being right or wrong. And overall she has no 5 in her total name which is Mercury that has helped her maintain a balance between her career and married life.

Number 1 = Moon

Moon represents calmness and creativity which helps people in the field of art or artistic people. Moon also represents high imagination capacity with management power which one can see in Madhuri Dixit because of her talent. She is not a talented actress but a very superb dancer. She has managed her personal life perfectly and has maintained a balance between her work and personal life.

Moon also represents a trait of diplomacy which one can see in Madhuri Dixit where she has not rubbed people the wrong way and has been able to maintain cordial relations with all concerned in the industry. Her diplomacy is also reflected in the fact that the industry, which she ruled once upon a time, welcomed her back with open arms. The Moon in her name has helped in this and people always appreciate this type of personality.

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