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How Can Past Life Regression Help You?

Past Life Regression: How Does It Help?

Many are those who believe that past life regression is a trick or magic. But, unfortunately, it is very much real and in practice. Most of those who have gone through it have been traumatized, either physically or emotionally. Nothing seems to cure the trauma, not the doctor or the numerous drugs prescribed. That might as well make one gain some weight.
Trauma is not the only reason one can undergo regression therapy—feelings of Déjà Vu, like having the sixth sense of doing something or being in place before.

That is when you try and dig deep into your memory to find the solution. It is more like hypnotherapy, only, this time, one focuses more on previous life events. Thus, re-experiencing your past life, to come to terms with the present and face the future.


Reliving a painful memory cannot be all that good. It has to be face-to-face and not over the phone. An experienced therapist (not a ‘therapist” who attended a two-day workshop on past regression) will help and guide you through this period. A lot of emotions will be involved during the therapy.

Past life regression purpose is not only about traumas but also life’s purpose. Moreover, it broadens the way one visualizes some things, e.g., relationships and hidden talents.
The primary objective of the whole therapy is to bring to light all the memories, both past and current. Therefore, it can achieve deeper and better results much faster than drugs or other approaches if done according to standards.


Benefits of Past Life Regression

It is considered a healing process since one was not born with any issues. It is all stored in the brain as unconscious memories. Releasing these memories by making them vivid frees a person to move on with life.

1. Reconcile Unstable Relationships

Having a troubled relationship from the past can sometimes hinder a person from moving on. Past life Regression Therapy comes in handy not only in love-related issues but also in family relationships. It opens your mind to new possibilities, clears them, and teaches you how to let go of the past by embracing your current state.


2. Let Go Of Certain Behaviors

The British Medical Council recognizes regression therapy as one way to help a person quit any addictive behavior, e.g., smoking or drugs. It can work when the client is motivated and willing to stop smoking. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money.

Getting through some of the fears that we have is possible since no one was born with any of them. Fear of height, water, and flying all have a common denominator: past life, and can easily be overcome through regression therapy.

The submissive behavior can also be fixed through regression therapy. No one was born a submissive. The surroundings or an experience instills the character in a person. Regression can bring back confidence.


3. Clears Emotional And Physical Traumas

The loss of a loved one can seriously affect one’s being. It can break you down both emotionally and mentally. Regression therapy can assist in making peace with the incident and letting go physically.

The same applies in the case of an accident. The fear of being involved in something similar can prevent someone from doing some minor things. Regression therapy helps one realize that the fear is all in the head, and if not overcome, it continues being what it is; False Evidence Appearing Real.

4. Past Life Regression Reveals Talents

Each person has a God-given talent. Blessed are those who do know their skills. As for those who are still in the dark, past-life regression therapy can be a solution. It taps into your past life, trying to figure out what you did in your past. There was a point in your life when something made you stand out from the rest. Then, the therapist will bring out the attribute in you.

5. Provide A Solution To Challenging Issues

When facing a difficult situation, the mind is usually fully clogged. Brainstorming on the issue is, at times, a problem. Clearing your mind can be done through regression therapy, whereby the therapist focuses solely on the challenge. The therapist focuses your mind on that particular task till a solution is found.

6. Bring A Sense Of Balance To Life

When most of your situations in life are based on adverse outcomes or everything you do seems to have a negative result, you might be absorbed in the unhappiness. Regression therapy pulls back the memories of when joy was part of life, thus balancing the situation.

7. Amnesia

Memory loss can be due to some things, e.g., excessive use of alcohol or some medicines (diabetic medication). It is not such a good thing since a person can misplace something important. Past life regression can help in tracing back your steps. Even though your mind cannot recall, your body most certainly remembers. One can also remember past friends, soul mates, etc.

8. Shaping Your Future

Just like revealing your talents and skills, regression therapy can also play a significant role in shaping your future.
The therapist will focus on what you want and the limit you are willing to achieve your goals. A patient is put in a state of light trance, whereby finding information is easier and faster.

9. Gain More Spiritual Knowledge

Being a believer or recognizing the existence of reincarnation is not a major component of this. However, experiencing another lifetime dawns the realization to you that despite the shutdown of a body, the soul still lives on. So there is nothing to fear about death. On the other side, you have the privilege of meeting with your loved ones who departed earlier than you.

Before attending any session, one should clearly state what one wants to achieve after the sessions. It will assist both client and therapist in driving towards the goal. In addition, the client should be able to meet the therapist halfway through complete trust and honesty throughout the sessions.

Some attend the meeting to satisfy their curiosity about past life regression. However, they end up gaining more than they had bargained for. Not only do they come out of it as believers, but also the missing piece of their life puzzle is revealed, and their lives gain meaning. Attending a few sessions with the doctor can change your life. Even though the curiosity, there is something to learn.

All the therapist asks if the patient is; total concentration, be relaxed, follow the instructions, and be open-minded.

Reliving a memory allows you to bring back the relevant information to the conscious state and let go of the unneeded memories. Thus, neutralizing the energy and bringing sanity back to you never like before. Change is often noticed after two or three meetings but continued follow-up is recommended. The changes do not last a lifetime after a few sessions.

Just like a wound needs time to heal, so is it required to reconcile the past and the present. Patience is the key attribute to gaining complete recovery as long as an experienced therapist walks with you throughout the journey.

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