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The Chinese Dog zodiac sign is ever tied to their ideals and goals.

Chinese Zodiac – Dog

Chinese Zodiac Dog – Personality Traits:

The Chinese zodiac Dog are, as a rule, old souls. They are calm and quiet souls, filled with a quiet moroseness, but holders of high ideals and a dedication to see them come to fruition. They are without selfishness, always holding to their ideals above all else.


The Chinese Dog signs are drawn to justice, and bring it about in all things in which they are a part. They will stand with the wronged, the downtrodden, and the weak. They will always fight to make sure that what is fair is brought to them. Nothing is more important to the Dog than human dignity. They will do everything they can to ensure it remains without infringement.

Those born in the Dog years are deeply service-oriented. They turn their work towards the well-being of their fellow man. Their desire, above all, is to make the world a better place for those people who live in it. They also work towards growth and change with an easy and steady hand.

Chinese Dog Zodiac Sign – Strengths:

The Chinese Dog zodiac sign is tied to their ideals and goals. Their man service is the very framework of who they are. Nothing will stand between them and removing injustice. They are active in social circles and pursue justice through whatever channels are available. They can be expected to stand with those who are weak, the best ally the underdog can ask for.


The Dog characteristics also include honesty and integrity, even if it stands in the way of more practical concerns. They will not cut corners with their conscience, nor willingly go against the established legal structure. They are also firmly rooted in full disclosure, speaking the truth with utter sincerity, and utterly reliable no matter the circumstances.

Due to both these Dog traits, they have a well-developed sense of personal control and an almost unbreakable concentration. They are easily satisfied with the simple things in life, never aspiring to wealth and ostentatious surroundings. They are also indefatigable in pursuit of their goals and ambitions, utterly tireless on their trek.


Chinese Dog Zodiac Sign – Weaknesses:

Like so many zodiac signs, the Chinese Dog’s weaknesses are related to those things that are their strengths. They have high ideals, but are prone to sacrificing too much in their pursuit, especially if the result will better mankind. Their strong moral character can make them inflexible, unable to bend from their moral right even when it’s serving as a major detriment to their existence.

The Chinese zodiac Dog‘s powers of concentration and self-control result in them having a somewhat underdeveloped imagination, as imagination is the province of the unfettered mind. They are not precisely frugal with their money but have little regard for those who live in thick luxury.


For all their deep ties to people and sensitivity, they are also very emotionally dependent and vulnerable. They also have a problem dealing with decision-making. They are also unfortunately predisposed to being critics. Dogs bark a lot and make no habit of hiding their opinions or sweetening them.

Chinese Zodiac Dog – Career:

The Chinese Dog is a dedicated and conscientious worker, always aware of what will best benefit his fellow workers and the company as a whole. They are interestingly big-picture, considering the long-term results of their work, and their interactions with everyone involved.

It isn’t unlikely to see them in politics, or any other position where they will be working for the greater good of as many people as possible. Charity work, working as a Doctor, and even the priesthood will serve that deeper need of Dog to be in service to improving the lives of others.

Chinese Dog As A Boss:

The Chinese Dog personality is actively interested in the betterment of their people, and mankind at large. As such you can expect that they will do everything they can to keep their people comfortable, happy, and benefiting from the work they do.

Dog thrives in this position, all the details of being in charge suiting their personality and disposition greatly. They will show an aptitude for analyzing their team and dealing with the concrete day-to-day tasks of management. Their interest in the benefit and growth of their team will prevent them from regarding wealth and its acquisition.

Chinese Dog As A Co-Worker:

As a Co-Worker the Dog Zodiac is extremely dedicated, knowing that any failure in them will infringe on the ability of the whole team to succeed. That is, and always will be, the dog’s first concern, the pack must succeed for his purpose in the team to be fulfilled.

A young Dog man or woman does have the problem of being a bit of a puppy, happy and exuberant, but not stable. The mature Dog male or female on the other hand will serve as a co-worker nicely, and lead all involved with him towards that always important success. Know you can rely on them in the tightest of situations, for their success is pointless to them if they don’t take everyone with them.

Chinese Zodiac Sign Dog – Money:

The Chinese zodiac sign Dog is unlikely to develop wealth or security in their younger years, being decidedly prone towards financial success in their middle years and end of life. When it comes down to it, the Dog is not going to be financially viable, or even concerned a little bit with his wealth and success.

As such, money does not drive the Dog. They prefer to use it to benefit others long before they do anything with it to benefit themselves. This makes saving money difficult, though the Dog will generally keep enough for their stability.

Dating A Chinese Zodiac Dog:

The Chinese Dog horoscope sign can be quite uncertain in dating. They recognize their own tendency to sentimentality and as such don’t trust their feelings on the subject very often. Their strong ideals also come into play, as those who pair with Dog must meet his almost impossibly high standards.

The Dog lovers will not propose marriage lightly, but when they do be prepared for someone who is irrevocably bound to you. Nothing will turn their loyalty, and marriage is very much forever for them. Some of this is a sense of faithfulness, and some of it is a strong aversion to change of any kind. Either way, you’re stuck with them.

Chinese Zodiac Dog – Love:

The Chinese zodiac Dog is a bit of a puritan, and perhaps a little prudish. This being the case they are slow to embrace and practice the art of passion. Like all things, Dog settles in slowly, but once they reach a point of openness and comfort with their partner, the deep waters of their love will unfold. Dog isn’t much into trying new things, but with gentle coaxing can be led where you wish them to go. Most important to Dog, far above physical relationships, is intimacy and devotion, tenderness and love. Everything else springs from there.

Years Of The Dog:

February 14, 1934 – February 3, 1935
February 2, 1946 – January 21, 1947
Date: February 18, 1958 – February 7, 1959

January 25, 1982 – February 12, 1983
February 6, 1970 – January 26, 1971
February 10, 1994 – January 20, 1995

January 29, 2006 – February 17, 2007
February 16, 2018 – February 4, 2019
February 3, 2030 – January 22, 2031

Chinese Horoscope & Numerological Associations:

Western Zodiac: Libra is the corresponding star sign for the Dog

Earthly Branch of Birth Year: Xu is the earthly branch for the Chinese sign Dog

Chinese Elements: Tu (Earth) is the lucky Dog element

Yin/Yang Orientation: Yang orientation works well for the Chinese Dog

Lucky Herbs: Rose, Oncidium, Cymbidium, and Orchid are lucky flowers for the Dogs

Lucky Direction: West direction is good for the Dog Chinese sign

Good Luck Season: Autumn season is fortunate for the Dogs

Lucky Colors: Green, Red, and Purple are auspicious colors for the Chinese zodiac Dog

Unlucky Colors: Blue, White, and Gold are not lucky for the Year of the Dog

Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 9 numbers are good for the Dogs

Unlucky Numbers: 1, 6, and 7 are unlucky numbers for the Chinese Dog sign

Famous Chinese Zodiac Dog Personalities:

Male Dog Celebrities:

Winston Churchill, Marcel Proust, Bill Clinton, Herbert Hoover, Voltaire, Socrates, Prince William, Michael Jackson, Brad Renfro, Ryan Cabrera, Benjamin Franklin, Andre Agassi, Confucius

Female Dog Celebrities:

Golda Meir, Jane Goodall, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Anna Paquin, Ellen DeGeneres, Heather Graham, Dakota Fanning, Susan Sarandon, Jessica Biel, Kelly Clarkson, Kirsten Dunst, LeAnn Rimes, Leelee Sobieski, Queen Latifah, Shirley McLaine, Thora Birch, Uma Thurman

Chinese Horoscope Dog Compatibility:

Tiger, Rabbit, and Horse are compatible with the Chinese zodiac Dog. Ox, Dragon, Sheep, and Rooster are not compatible with this animal sign.

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