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Year Of The Dog

Year Of The Dog – Chinese Zodiac

The Year of the Dog is the eleventh animal year in the Chinese zodiac which is based on the Lunar calendar.

This Chinese year comes after the Year of the Rooster.

They have an inherent good nature that makes them kind people.

People born in the Dog years are blessed with good health.

The years of the Dog personality traits are discussed below.


Year Of The Dog: Dates

Year of Fire Dog:

2 February 1946 – 21 January 1947
29 January 2006 – 17 February 2007

Year of Earth Dog:

18 February 1958 – 7 February 1959
16 February 2018 – 4 February 2019

Year of Metal Dog:

6 February 1970 – 26 January 1971
3 February 2030 – 22 January 2031

Year of Water Dog:

25 January 1982 – 12 February 1983
22 January 2042 – 9 February 2043

Year of Wood Dog:

10 February 1994 – 30 January 1995


Year Of The Dog : Personality Traits

The Year of the Dog brings affluence to those born in these years. Dogs as animals are highly obedient to their master irrespective of their financial condition. It is a man’s best friend who recognizes his personality. This goes the same for the Dog personality.

Positive Traits

People born in the Year of the Dog are simple without complications of character. They are known for their affection, bravery, elegance, agility, and loyalty, both in their jobs and in love. They are highly determined to achieve their goals. Also, they are very capable managers who motivate their colleagues, and who share their confidence. The Chinese zodiac Dogs are committed to their mates in love. They are extremely helpful to their friends.


Negative Traits

Dog-year people are critical of others and are sarcastic in their comments. Temperamentally they are not warm and prefer solitude in gatherings. They are ill-tempered and are unnecessarily apprehensive. They are highly theoretical and are not realistic in their approach to life. These persons are charming and courageous but are not steady. They are not good at conveying their messages to others.

Influence of Elements

Characteristics of Year of the Dog according to the different elements are as follows.


Metal Dog

Metal Dogs are highly active, and seek excellence in whatever they do. They expect dedication from others. They are careful in selecting their friends and are dependable and faithful to them. At times they can be somewhat nervous and worried. They expect advance information on future events and will be disturbed if things do not happen as planned.

Water Dog

Water Dogs are smart people who are well-informed, and who can understand various points of view. They are courageous and are exposed to more situations in life. Water Dogs can face life changes better than other dogs. They are prone to waste their money and may back out of earlier obligations. These people are adept at giving sound advice to their friends in times of difficulty. They are more peaceful and tolerant and can handle the vagaries of life smoothly.

Wood Dogs

Wood Dogs are stress-free and change their routines sometimes. They are timid and are afraid of rebuffs from others while seeking their friendship. This makes them cautious about having friends. They are firm and dependable with their selected companions. They are more liberal with their friends than themselves and do not waste money on luxuries. Wood dogs are fussy about cleanliness and face life as it happens.

Fire Dog

Fire Dogs are magnetic personalities who are born leaders. They attract a strong group of followers to fight for any cause they take up. They are also charming and maintain a tidy appearance. These people are very adventurous and settle down with their families quite late. They are intensely committed to their families. They are highly successful in life.

Earth Dog

Earth Dogs are very practical about life and make decisions after due deliberation. People have to gain the confidence of Earth Dogs before they become their loyal and trustworthy friends. They are highly impartial and hence make very good mediators and diplomats. They are more interested in championing peace than fighting for a cause. Earth Dogs have great stamina to work hard. They are dependable, stable, and determined.


People born in the Years of the Dog in general are endowed with excellent physical fitness. They are cheerful, energetic, and flexible, and hence have enough resistance to normal ailments like cold and fever. They need to pay attention to relaxing and correct workouts after strenuous jobs and numerous social parties. As they are not fanatical about power or accumulating wealth, they enjoy a peaceful life.


Those born in the Year of the Dog are hard-working, dependable, and helpful by nature. This makes them eminently suitable for jobs involving service. They are always ready to share the work of others and are considered priceless for the organization. They are friendly and are admired by their colleagues.

Some of the suitable professions for the dog years people are Judiciary jobs, Scientist, Professor, Nurse, Counsellor, Politician, Police Officer, Interior Designer, Clerk, and Priest.


Chinese Year of the Dog people are slow to make friends as they are traditional and guarded. They study them in detail before they enter into a friendship. These persons are loyal to them and are prepared to make sacrifices. They are highly ethical in their relationships.

Like in friendship, the dogs follow the same principles in love. But they will have many emotional upheavals in their love partnerships.

Luck & Compatibility

  • Highly Compatible with Tiger, Rabbit, Horse
  • Should Avoid Ox, Dragon, Goat, Rooster
  • Lucky Colors: Purple, Green and Red
  • Unlucky Colors: Golden, Blue and White
  • Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 9
  • Unlucky Numbers: 1, 6, 7
  • Lucky Flowers: Orchid, Rose
  • Lucky Directions: East, Southeast and South

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