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Sun In 7th House Meaning And Significance

Sun in the Seventh House of the Natal Chart

What happens when the sun is in the 7th house? You always want everyone and everything to be balanced in your life.

7th House Also Known As: House Of Partnerships

Ruling Planet: Venus

Ruling  Zodiac Sign: Libra

 7th House Celebrities: Enrique Iglesias, Janet Jackson, Copernicus, Miley Cyrus, Sylvester Stallone

Positive Keywords for Sun in 7th House: Finesse, Helpful, Wise, Collaboration. Fair, Balanced, Just

Shadow Keywords for Sun in 7th House: Indecisive, Confused, Inflexible


Sun In Seventh House: Personality Traits

The Sun symbolizes the face that you show the world and how you identify yourself. So with the Sun in the 7th house, you feel a high moral obligation for everything to be fair. You pride yourself on being able to compromise and restore balance when things are out of whack. You always want justice.


Because you are great at negotiation, you can mediate between two parties at odds with each other and figure out a reasonable solution. You seek out injustices with the desire to set things right, for restoring harmony is very important to you.


You can’t cope when things are chaotic, for change scares you. When something in your life is off balance, everything else can fall with it unless you set things straight again. You demand peace and harmony and work tirelessly to achieve both.

The Sun In 7th House

Sun In 7th House: Positive Traits

The Sun in the 7th house astrology foretells that you should focus on what you enjoy. You have the motivation to figure out what excites you, so use it to your advantage. Work to enrich yourself and your situation on your terms before bringing another person into your lifestyle. This will make you more open to new opportunities and new people, which is most helpful in meeting that special someone.


As the ruling zodiac sign for the seventh house is Libra, you do not fulfill your dreams the way you want to. Too often you place other people’s needs or opinions above your own. Take a step back and figure out what makes you happy. That way you can bring in someone who will gel with what you want out of life. (Click here to know more about Sun in Houses)

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Sun In 7th House: Negative Traits

The only place where the sun in 7th house personality have difficulty restoring balance is in their own life. This is because sometimes there is no compromise and you don’t know which side to choose. You can get caught up in your thoughts sometimes, which makes you incredibly indecisive. You are often afraid to choose something when there isn’t an immediate “right” answer. So you let others choose for you.


And since you crave balance, you are always looking to be in a relationship. You can feel incomplete without another half, as you are a social being and don’t like to be alone. (Read Understanding Libra)

You want everyone to like you which is why you’d rather spend time with friends and family than meet new people. Rejection is a frightening prospect, and you need to learn not to place so much of your self-worth in the hands of other people.



It’s much more important that you be okay with yourself first before you look toward anyone else for approval. Then you will be ready for any social situation, good or bad. Your half of the relationship starts with you and how you perceive your strengths and weaknesses.


Being in a love relationship makes the sun in 7th house spouse the happiest. But, not all partnerships end in happily ever after. You tend to either give up right away if something isn’t working or stick with something for too long trying to fix what can’t be fixed. (Read ruling planet Venus symbolism)

Here is where you have to find the balance between getting what you want and being realistic. Once you have enough life experience under your belt, you will be much more confident at making decisions. Put as much effort toward your own life as you do at helping others, and you will find that special someone or something that brings you peace.

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