Spider Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Spider Animal Totem Symbolism

Spider, weaver of the web of fate, grandmother spider. Amongst all spiritual guides, Spider carries with her a strong feminine energy. She has within her the ability to manipulate the delicate strands of reality, and manipulate the outcomes with finesse.

The Spider animal totem is an architect, and powerfully patient in her creation, knowing that paying attention to how the project is coming to fruition is important, and nothing needs be rushed.

Patience, Being Receptive, Weaver of Reality, Balance, The Paths of Fate


Symbolic Meaning Of Spider

The Spider spirit guide knows that we are not one thing, but many, and it is important that these are bound together and interwoven, rather than any element trying to stand alone.

Spider contains the whole of creation within her web, and as such contains all infinity. She carries the sign of this in her 8 legs, and in her body shaped like the sign of infinity. Her legs represent the combination of the 4 winds of change, and the 4 directions of the medicine wheel.

The Spider symbol tells us we have the ability to weave our reality as it pleases us, within the bounds of the available tools of course. But by virtue of having the ability, we also have the responsibility to do so with care. There is a great deal of care that goes into the constructing of a web, and such care is necessary in building our lives.

Spider carefully throws out a strand of silk, letting it connect where it may, and then takes the time to do the same to cross it. This is repeated a number of times until the framework of the web is put into place, creating the foundational anchors for it’s web. The same is true of our realities, all of these things are interconnected, and like the strands that connect these to give the web it’s distinctive appearance, they become that more interconnected.

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Unlike the Spider symbolism, we sometimes can get tangled up in the paths of our life, not knowing that these strands are highways for us to travel. Instead we get lost along the way, take wrong turns along the intersections, and sometimes find ourselves so bound up we can no longer move. A realignment of personality will permit us to avoid this eventuality, and to truly embrace our power to create and manage our reality.

The Spider meaning will guide you to making the changes you want to make in your life. It is her nature to help us shape our reality along the way. Know that our personality, our goals and intentions, are very important when doing this. The reality we’re shaping will bear the marks of that, and those marks can run quite deep and once set, they can stay with us for a long time.

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