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Origins of Tarot Reading

History of Tarot Reading

Though there can be much information about the history of Tarot reading as to where did they come from and how they were first used but the actual fact about the same is that they were first painted and made use in Italy in the fifteenth century.

Initially, they were known to be associated with the magic and mysticism through until the 18th and 19th Centuries they were not that very much accepted and adopted by the occultists and mystics.

It was then in the year 1781 a Swiss Clergyman named as Antoine Court de Gebelin and Freemason published a study based on certain speculation and named it the Le Monde Primitif. The study was based on ideas like how religious symbolism has its effect and how do they survive in the modern world. Gebelin came out with many mysteries of Isis and Thoth.

It was Gebelin who claimed that the word “Tarot” came from two Egyptian words namely “tar” which means “Royal” and “rot” which means “Road”. Thus in simple Egyptian meaning Tarot means a “Royal Road”. Gebelin associated this meaning with the idea that tarot means a “Royal Road” to wisdom. Though Gebelin proposed many such ideas that he was not able to produce any evidence to support his statements and claims.

It was just a fact that Gebelin came out with his claims and statements way before the Egyptian Hieroglyphs were deciphered by Champollion.

But later all his statements were disregarded by the Egyptologists as they said that there is no such fact relevant in the Egyptian language which can support Gebelin’s claims in this matter and that Gebelin’s etymologies were mainly based on fancy with no factual link to the language.

On line Tarot Reading

But unfortunately, since these statements were produced at much a later stage and by that time Tarot reading online was identified with the “Book of Thoth”, thus authentic Egyptian textbooks were given less importance.

In Italy, Tarot reading online was mainly used for fortune-telling in the 1700s, but the proper publicity of these Tarot reading online proving its divine power was done by a French Occultist Alliette. He was also known as Etteilla. Before the French Revolution, he was known to work as a card diviner and he did these by reversing the letters of his name.

Esoteric Tarot Reading Online

He was the first one to have designed a deck of Esoteric Tarot reading online. His fantastic designs were known to include astrological powers into the cards and also adding proper meaning which is of a certain divinity to the textual part of the cards. But finally later during the reign of Napoleon I, it was Mademoiselle Marie-Ann Le Normand who finally took the step in popularizing the divinity and prophecy of these Tarot reading online.

But after all these facts there remains confusion as to where exactly these cards originated from. It is already stated that according to Gebelin the name Tarot itself came from Egyptian words, but later he was denied by authentic Egyptologists.

It is still mistaken that these cards originated from Egypt because the Gypsies were the first ones who were seen to use the cards for divine intentions. Now, these Gypsies were considered to be descendants of Egypt and that is the reason why they were also known as Gypsies, with this notion it is still believed that Tarot reading online originated from ancient Egypt.

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