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Sun In Aquarius

Sun In Aquarius: Significance and Meaning

Dates: January 2oth – February 19th

Element And Quality: Air & Fixed

Celebrities With Sun In Aquarius: John Travolta, Galileo Galilei, Bob Marley, Abraham Lincoln

Keywords for Sun in Aquarius: Pioneer, Original, Eccentric, Innovative, Rigid

Sun In Aquarius: Personality Profile

The Sun represents innovation in astrology, and no one is more unique than Aquarius. So with the Sun in Aquarius, you can bet it’s nearly impossible to tell what they will do next. Aquarius sun do what they want, when they want, and they never apologize for it. Their eccentricity is limitless.

And with the Sun in Aquarius, they are known for being pioneers and visionaries of a different scope. They have a way of looking at things that only those of their like can understand, sometimes leaving others very confused. At the same time, though, Aquarians are social creatures who enjoy a good debate, or even just bouncing their ideas off of other people.

The Sun In Aquarius People Are Known For Their Brilliant Mind And Their Ability To Think Outside The Box.

Aquarius Sun: Positive Traits

Aquarians are known for their brilliant mind and their ability to think outside the box. They often have grand schemes in mind to change the world for the better, and their humanitarian efforts are admirable. They think beyond the possibilities in this realm and try to envision a future they can contribute to in a positive manner.

The Aquarius sun people like to hang out at big parties or any kind of social gathering with friends, family and loved ones. They can have an off-beat sense of humor and often surprise people with their goofy antics. They have a fun and quirky worldview that gives them a creative edge on others. This can be described as a “mad scientist” vibe, and those with the Sun in Aquarius are the craziest of them all.

Aquarius Sun: Negative Traits

The sun in Aquarius people work best alone at first, for their theories are so out there that no one else can comprehend them.

But once they pare down the unusual thoughts to more viable solutions, they want to share them with the world.

And whether the world is ready or not to hear them, they don’t care. What others think is of no consequence to them.

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This is why some people see Aquarians as too cool or detached to hang out with them. And this can be the case, as they tend to be off in their own world, even when surrounded by a crowd.

As an air zodiac sign, everything is going on in their mind and the physical realm is almost non-existent. This includes their feelings as well, for they are more logical than emotional. Their rational approach to everything leaves little room for the kind of mood they or others are in. This is why some people consider them too standoffish or aloof.


Once you get to know the Aquarius and the way they think, you will realize they can’t help themselves. And with the Sun in Aquarius, it’s amazing they can even deal with the real world. It’s difficult enough for them to take care of bills and other household responsibilities, for this is boring and does nothing to further the progress of humanity.

But add in other trivial details such as planning trips, events and other gatherings and they won’t even bother. The only way to get them involved in something they don’t want to do is to make it as unusual a project as they are. Allow their imagination to run wild and the Aquarius Sun sign will create the most innovative gathering you’ve ever been to. While it can sometimes be frustrating to communicate with them, they are always entertaining to say the least.

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