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Natal Chart

The Natal Chart

The creation of a natal chart requires some quite detailed information. To get the most accurate chart the date, the exact time and the location of birth are all required. And to interpret the chart requires a minimum of two steps. This allows for the distribution of the planets through the houses and the assessment of the positions of the planets within the house.

Get your Personal Birth Chart now!The birth chart or natal chart in astrology is a mathematical snapshot of the exact placement of the planets at your time of birth.

The birth or natal chart is designed in the following way. The precise time, place, month, date and year are obtained and then there is a calculation done based on the direction of the ascendant on the eastern horizon. There are 12 pieces in the chart. These are the houses and they portray various parts of life.

The signs calculated in the first step are indicated around the circle, of the chart the first is known as the ascendant. Then allowing for the ascendant the planets are placed in houses according to where they were located at the time, date and place of birth. The geographical location is also important as the placement will vary with the rotation of the earth.

The combination and placement of the planets in the natal chart will form a picture of your life. Predictions can then be made using the natal chart. Because the planetary positions change second by second these are different for every individual. Even when you look at twins who were born essentially at the same time the small difference will cause the natal charts of one twin to be extremely different from the other twin’s.

There are cases in which the exact time of birth is not known. In this case the precise time of some major event that took place is used to determine the time of birth. The astrologer will then do the calculation and forecasts based on the probable time of birth of the individual.

More than one set of probabilities may be cast and the astrologer then will determine which one has the most best chance of being accurate based on a connection to the major event.

For children who are adopted as an example it would be unusual for them to have their precise time of birth. This would not be considered to be an important piece of information by most physicians.

They would be amongst those who would have a chart based on probability. They would in fact though in most cases know the day and place of birth which would provide a starting point from which to create their natal chart.

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