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Was the moon void of course when you were born? Is the moon void of course right now? Will it be void of course on that special date you planned in 2017? What is the moon void of course? The term void of course, when referring to the moon, means that the moon is out of aspect from all other planets.

When the moon leaves one zodiac sign and enters the next, if it is not in any aspect to any other planets while transitioning into the next zodiac sign, that is the moon being void of course.

For the moon to be void of course is when the moon is out of the range of angles such as making a trine to a planet, or a square, opposition, sextile or conjunction. Those are the common aspects that most people are familiar with. There are also other aspects or angles that the moon could be in relationship to other planets, but for now, let’s focus more on this point in astrology.

Moon Void Of Course

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The moon is the closest planet (in astrology terms) to the earth. It travels through each zodiac sign in less than 52 hours. Therefore there is a strong daily and hourly link to the influence of the moon upon the psychology of an individual.

When the moon is making aspects to the other planets, it is our emotional connection to the other planets that greatly impact our behaviors and actions in many areas of our lives. The moon helps us to have a connection to our surroundings and to our feelings about what is going on. Even if the moon is in a hard aspect to a planet, it still gives us some emotional ground to work with.

The moon is a reflector of the energies of the planets. It physically reflects the light of the sun upon us, but it also reflects the energies of the planet that is ruler of the zodiac sign that the moon is transiting. For example, when the moon is transiting the sign of Aries, then not only is it reflecting the emotional gusto of Aries upon earth, but it is also reflecting the energy of Mars.

Now let’s say that Mars is in the sign of Virgo and is conjunct with the Sun and also sextiling Pluto. Well, in short, that will be a very strong influence. Now if the moon is leaving Aries and entering Pisces and there are no aspects, then this is what causes emotional connections to be lost. As a result, most people can feel like they forgot their goals or that nothing makes sense anymore. The moon void of course could last minutes or even over a day.

MoonWhen the emotional connection to the other planets is lost (void of course) this is the type of condition that can lead people to make poor choices. Plans may not work out, everything could go wrong, many details can go unnoticed. Projects started have a higher chance of failure based on the lack of an emotional connect to what’s going on in the zodiac.

Find out if you were born during a void of course moon and gain more insight into how this affects your life with this free report. Also, you can use the Moon Void of Course Calculator to discover if future dates or any other past date was a moon void of course day. With this tool, you can get a general prediction of the outcome of an appointment set on a moon void of course date.

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