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Sun In Scorpio

Sun In Scorpio: Significance and Meaning

Dates: October 24th – November 22nd

Element And Quality: Water & Fixed

Celebrities With Sun In Scorpio: Julia Roberts, Jodie Foster, Pablo Picasso, Marie Curie

Keywords for Sun in Scorpio: Mysterious, Intuitive, Determined, Passionate, Secretive

Sun In Scorpio: Personality Profile

Scorpios are mysterious, powerful people, and the Sun in Scorpio intensifies these traits. The Sun represents individuality, and Scorpions keep their personality close to the vest. Because of this, others only see a darker facade that they maintain as long as possible, while they are silently figuring out everyone else.

Having this kind of intuitive nature means Scorpios can sometimes be intimidating, for while they are closed off to the rest of the world they know exactly what’s going on around them. And the Sun in Scorpio amplifies their ability to read any situation, which often gives them an edge in their career.

The Sun In Scorpio People Are Intensely Loyal, Intuitive, Powerful And Love A Good Challenge.

Scorpio Sun: Positive Traits

The Sun in Scorpio people love a good challenge and will face any adversity head-on. Give them a goal and they will not only reach it, they will go beyond to the next level as soon as possible. And while they go after something with everything they’ve got, they are also incredibly patient.

Because of this balance they are often extremely successful, which plays into their desire for power. And they don’t care about being in the spotlight. In fact, they would rather not bother with the fame.

All they care about is the fortune and the control that comes along with it. While it’s not easy getting close to a Scorpio, especially those with the Sun in Scorpio, it is usually a memorable experience or relationship. Scorpios treat everyone they know and love as important and meaningful in their life.

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Scorpio Sun: Negative Traits

The Sun in Scorpio also makes them intensely loyal and, because of this, fairly possessive of their friends and loved ones. They put as much effort into their relationships as they do their career, and they expect the same amount of effort back. This can be overbearing for some, who may be more easy-going or carefree in their lifestyle.

It can be difficult to hang with the Scorpio Sun sign unless you try to understand their immense depth. While Scorpios maintain a cool exterior, there is plenty of chaos going on underneath. They have many layers struggling with the emotions of being a water sign, for they experience life in a very intense manner.

They take in everything going on around them and process it in a way that strains their physical, mental and emotional state. Because of this, it’s important to give the Scorpio man or woman their space once in a while so they can fully recharge and regroup.


You will not find anyone more deeply concerned and involved in what’s going on with those in their inner circle. And anyone they take on as a lover is completely physically satisfied, for only in the bedroom do they allow someone to swim their deeper levels. You have to be careful though, not to upset the Scorpio, for they have a vicious temper.

If they feel even the least bit slighted they will unleash their stinger, and they are not quick to forgive and forget (if ever). It doesn’t take much for them to feel betrayed, even if the other person made an innocent mistake.

But if you can stay on their good side, they will do anything and everything to make you happy. They take every aspect of life very seriously, and the Sun brings out their ability to overcome whatever is thrown their way. While it’s not always sunny skies with a Scorpio, it is always an interesting venture.

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