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Sun In Capricorn

Sun In Capricorn: Significance and Meaning

Dates: December 22nd – January 20th

Element And Quality: Earth & Cardinal

Celebrities With Sun In Capricorn: Elvis Presley, Pitbull, Jim Carrey, Martin Luther King Jr., Muhammad Ali,

Keywords for Sun in Capricorn: Ambitious, Resourceful, Hard-Working, Serious, Snobbish

Sun In Capricorn: Personality Profile

Capricorn is probably the hardest working of all the zodiac signs, and the Sun in Capricorn intensifies that desire to climb the corporate ladder. This is the only way they feel productive and meaningful in their lives, and they stop at nothing to reach success. Status is important to them.

And Capricorn in sun don’t only work that hard in their careers. They also play hard and love hard. Because they are so driven, they enjoy any kind of recreational competition, physical or mental, like group sports or trivia. They hate standing still, so relaxation isn’t something they care about. They’re more concerned about being engaged in an activity at all times.

The Sun In Capricorn Are Very Grounded, Practical, Patient, Resolute And Are Always Looking For The Next Level To Achieve.

Capricorn Sun: Positive Traits

As an earth sign in astrology, Capricorn sun is very grounded and practical in whatever they do. They use logic and reason to figure out everything in their life, from job issues to household responsibilities to relationship problems. And with the Sun in Capricorn they only focus on things they think are worthy of their time.

They have a certain set of rules and regulations they follow in life, and they figure out their goals based on this framework. Their sense of purpose is their strongest personality trait. It’s important for them to feel as though they are adding something useful to society, which helps them to obtain social status.

As friends and family will tell you, it can often be exhausting hanging out with a Capricorn in sun person, for their never-ending stamina outruns everyone else’s. But they are also extremely loyal and devoted to their loved ones, making them a solid partner. And with their calm, collected demeanor they are the perfect person to have by your side in a crisis.

They are steady and reliable, and with the Sun in Capricorn they are probably the most responsible of all the zodiac signs. They climb the mountain as their goat symbol does, with tenacity and honor.

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Capricorn Sun: Negative Traits

Unlike other star signs who work to acquire beautiful possessions, power, fame, or fortune, the Capricorn sun sign works to acquire material items that show off their prestige. They collect anything that shows off their high rank, like fancy clothing, lush furniture, a magnificent home, a sporty car etc.

The Sun in Capricorn makes them the most traditional of all the zodiac signs, so they don’t care about unique ideas or creative theories. They have their tried and true methods and stick to what they know best, the plans they have tested themselves. While this may seem boring to some, to others it’s reassuring to know that what you see is what you get.


Persistence is what helps the Capricorn sun to plan for the future. They are patient, resolute, and are always looking for the next level to achieve. Even for something as simple as a family vacation, they know the most entertaining tourist places to visit, the best restaurants to eat at, and the most expensive hotels at which to stay.

Money is no matter to them, as long as it’s enough to purchase the best of whatever it is they want. And they don’t spend it on frivolous things either. They remain practical in their spending habits. They simply want top quality.

And the Sun in Capricorn means they are the most straightforward and honest people you will ever meet. Whenever you need help, they are there to shine their wisdom upon you.

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