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Praying Mantis Spirit Totem Meaning: Showing Determination

What It Mean If a Praying Mantis Crosses Your Path?

Praying mantis spirit animal has traits that help develop a great personality and understand the importance of keeping safe from hostile forces. Therefore, you have to be positive and stick to what will act best in your dreams. The critical thing to do is to keep working to achieve your goals and have the inner wheel that tries to open opportunities for you.


Additionally, the praying mantis totem will be giving you the internal design to know the importance of expanding your ideas and looking for a better chance for your life. So, you have to keep off from any situation that might derail your power. Patience is essential when you have the right attitude and being able to cover your weakness.


What Does Praying Mantis Spirit Animal Signify?

It signifies the importance of having patience and sticking to what will help ascertain comprehensive knowledge and understanding. The level of success will determine how far you go with your plans—Master the art of hard work and consistency.


Is a Praying Mantis a Spirit Animal?

Praying mantis animal meaning is a true definition of expansion. Also, it assists you in sailing on what will not give you satisfaction. So, you have to develop the right attitude as you yearn for better chances in your life. Forge for events that will be crucial to your future.


What Does Praying Mantis Symbolize?

You have to be tactical as you plan your future. So, be calculative in your goals as you figure out the best way to achieve everything in your life. So, the praying mantis symbolizes the importance of meditating and sticking to good resolutions. You have to concentrate on what will bring success into your life.


Praying mantis spirit animal is a definition of honesty, hard work, and determination. So, you have to be confident of what you want to achieve and keep working o what will give you the proper outcomes. Do not give up when you have ideas that will change your future. Go the right way.

Does Praying Mantis Bring Good Luck?

Seeing a praying mantis means you can ascertain your goals and keep moving in the productive direction and meet your expectations. So, aim at one target and maintain it to ensure you reach the epic of it.


Also, seeing a dead praying mantis meaning, you can be sure to achieve your objective even if you don’t know the precautions attaching to it. But being optimistic will help you in understanding the goodness of successes. So, have the winning mentality and stick to it. Spot the right idea and work on it.


Seeing a white praying mantis meaning, you can project on anything as long as you have the right intentions. So, have the targets that will be assisting you in casting for better chances in your life. Working hard is one way of getting things right. It’s an art that will help you in getting the right results.

Spiritual Meaning Of Praying Mantis Spirt Animal

You have to develop the right attitude to countercheck on your abilities in mind. So, you have to appreciate the efforts that the above being is making regarding your relationships. Hence, you have to know your limitations and look into the future with confidence.

Praying Mantis Animal Totem Symbolism

If you know anything about the praying mantis, it will come as no shock that this insect is the paramount spiritual symbol of stillness and patience.

The praying mantis takes its time in all that it does. So, It takes care to pay diligent attention to its surroundings and moving through life at its own pace. It demonstrates the ultimate power of stillness. Lastly, It serves as a reminder for humans to slow down in our chaotic, fast-paced lives.

The praying mantis animal totem also teaches us how to still our bodies and go within our own minds. We can connect with ourselves by drawing up greater physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual power. This stillness and concentration is a form of meditation, which the mantis places much importance in.

praying-mantis spirit animal

Praying Mantis Insect Associated Traits

Patience, Stability, Meditation, Peaceful, Quietness

Symbolic Meaning Of Praying Mantis

Wisdom emerges when we are still and quiet, sensing and feeling rather than thinking critically. It comes with experience, age, and being, rather than traditional schooling. You cannot obtain through arrogance.

Accordingly, the praying mantis symbol chooses to present itself to individuals when they have allowed their busy schedules to overrun their intuition, silencing their internal voice and throwing their equilibrium out of balance. The praying mantis always comes to us when we are internally craving peace, quiet, and calm in our lives.

The praying mantis has various traits: temperance, quietness, awareness, calmness, clairvoyance, patience, mindfulness, and innovation. These insects are well known for their pre-strike pose, which is a popular symbol of balance and patience in and of itself.

Is Praying Mantis Friendly?

In fact, the Chinese honor the praying mantis for its elegant, mindful, and contemplative movements. By reminding ourselves to have patience with ourselves in our own movement, we, like the mantis, can grow in our wisdom. They remind us to have patience in acquiring the things we want and remain balanced throughout the wait.

If a praying mantis strikes too soon, its prey gets away. Because of this, it has evolved to be patient: so patient, in fact, that it will not budge unless it is 100% positive that it is the correct thing to do. This acts as a direct message to us, reminding us to contemplate our movements just as carefully and precisely.

When our timing is off, we may generate an unnecessary (and unpleasant) struggle or blow an opportunity entirely. Through stillness, awareness, and balance, we can hear and recognize the perfect moment. We must listen to the voice that speaks to us with openness, not fear. If we have patience and wait before striking, the right moment will come, and we will succeed.

The praying mantis will become your animal totem once you have learned to take your time and live your life at a silent and reflective pace. You make all choices with a sincere commitment to careful thought and contemplation.

By being mindful of this, you will enable yourself to know exactly where you are going and when you will get there. Calmness and serenity are crucial to living like the praying mantis.

Praying Mantis Supernatural Powers

But you should also be capable of being decisive and ready to take action when opportunities present themselves. For example, healers often cite the mantis as their inspiration when channeling their healing power.

The praying mantis symbolism might also creep into your subconscious while you sleep. To dream of the praying mantis means that your intuition is actively trying to guide you at this very moment. Perhaps you have overlooked the signs and symbols in your conscious daytime hours, and now the messages are speaking to your restful mind.

All of the instincts and gut feelings you have been experiencing lately are attempting to tell you something about your current situation. Do not allow your judgment to be clouded, your concentration to be broken, or yourself to be distracted from the end goal.

Trust the feelings you have, both when awake and in slumber, and act on them appropriately if you listen to yourself.


Anytime you come across a praying mantis spirit animal, you have to think of getting your life better and meditating to envision your future. Therefore, you have to know what it takes to reach the top-notch of every idea. Work smart and be patient enough to wait for good results. You have to lean on your instincts when you want to decide on better chances of life.



  1. What would be the significance of encountering an albino praying mantis? I’m assuming a lot of the same significance that is associated with the standard variety would apply but the fact of an albino variety being white in color and rare would suggest deeper significance.

    • Huh. that’s funny. I found a white praying mantis at work about two weeks ago. I thought it was cool but I didn’t think of the possible significance of it until just now, reading your post.

  2. I decided to buy the car that a praying mantis was on. It was on the windshield of a car i was looking to buy. I felt it meant good luck. We’ll see.

    • I found two mating on the back patio brick of a HUD foreclosure that required bidding on. I had also been in an on again, off again, on again, off again relationship. I won the bid on the house and broke it off for good with my ex. I feel very confident with both of the decisions I made and I made them very clearly and concisely. I’m hoping that seeing them both means that this house is the right house. I really like it and it was the only one I fell in love with immediately, which I did not meditate on or put a lot of thought into. Just kind of like this is what needs to be done and I’m ready to do it, so I took immediate action over the meditation and quiet contemplation. It just all felt right and although I will not be able to have a full inspection on the house until the end of this week, I feel pretty confident about both of the very big decisions I just made. So I guess if the inspection goes well it will be a positive sign of going with your intuition and making sound, deliberate decisions that are in my best interest so that I may obtain the peace and tranquility that I so desperately need. The house does need work, but it has a lot of potential and owning it clear of having a mortgage would give me a strong foothold of my life. I look forward to using my creativity in fixing it up.

  3. That’s interesting. Now I’m wondering, what would be the significance of seeing an albino mantis one day and two days later a green one, both within fifty feet. Slightly strange I barely heard the little voice in my mind telling me to look up its meaning when I saw the albino. Then two days later I saw the green and the voice was much louder this time. But just as it is written above, I let my chaotic day take over my need to find out and as chaos would have it, I stepped wrong and tore the meniscus in my left knee that afternoon….
    These spirit animal meanings are amazing with how right on target they are!! I hadn’t heard of them before this time last year but when a frog appeared in the middle of our downtown yard at work(first time I’d ever seen a frog befor!! With his cute little round suction cup toes😋.) I HAD to ask what it meant! Then two days later, a scorpion just sitting like he was basking in the sun, tail down, not threatening, unmoving but alive on my EMT bag in my closet….
    Now this…. VERY cool stuff!!!

  4. Yesterday morning, I wasn’t sure which direction my day was headed, so I began by starting my chores, laundry, etc. I opened the dining room blinds & there it was, a praying mantis, I proceeded to wash windows & it never moved. I just kept looking at it, thinking to myself, what does it mean, I have not seen a praying mantis since I was a child. I went about my day, later in the evening I went back to the window & it was still there. So here I am today wondering why it was there. Hoping it’s meaning is a blessing of some sort.

  5. So on point. My children were headed backwards to school and the night before I found a praying mantis on top of my bedroom window. Returning to school is very busy for a mother with five school aged children. I knew it was a sign instantly. However, I didn’t know the importance of meditation at this time.

  6. I had not seen one in many years until last year. I moved in with my boyfriend and during the summer we had a few of them at all times on our porch. Now this year I had one as a baby in a plant and everytime i watered it it climbed to the top. I had two mating on my front window, i have one that is always on my front porch and just last night a bug flew on our windshield of the truck and when ita wings stopped, it was a praying mantis. So whats the sign here, whats its tryin to tell me??

  7. There is some chaos going on in my life and I wanted to act on it, I wanted to call someone and confront them but wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do. I asked my guides for an answer, I came home tonight and there was a huge praying mantis on my porch, very close to to the door so I couldn’t miss it. I knew instantly I needed to look it up and get my answer! I love how this works!! I need to be still, be patient and definitely take the time to quiet the mind & go within. So grateful! Acting at the wrong time really makes a difference in the outcome.

  8. I purchased a new condo and was beside myself with anxiety and stress. Did I make the right choice to move from where I was? Is this the right time? Can I really afford this? What if something goes wrong? I moved in this weekend and when I was cleaning my beautiful living room windows, there was a Praying Mantis on the exterior window on a bench and did not move the entire time, even though I sprayed him with Windex before I saw him. (Sorry Freddy) I see it as a sign to slow down, enjoy my accomplishments and don’t get any further into debt buying things I want and not what I need.

  9. One day i was in my garage, where I often do school work, and i prayed to God for a sign. I heard a fluttering noise and above me on the light there was a preying mantis! He gave me a sense of calm and power. I felt good and that preying mantis has been in the garage ever since. Ive watched him catvh a moth with great accuracy and i also put some water in a water bottle lid and pit it up to him to drink. He drank it right out of my hand and my husband even held him. We have not put him in an enclosure but he sticks around. Its amazing to watch the way the preying mantis behaves. It follows me with its eyes and cleans itself like a cat. Im so blessed to have him as a reminder to be still.

  10. Every year on my birthday a praying mantis will appear in my home. It’s been happening since the death of my dad 9 years ago. Wow

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