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8 Tips To Find The Right Online Dating Site

8 Tips To Find The Right Online Dating Site

Are you ready to take the leap into online dating? Or have you been on a site for a while with no luck?

If you want to make online dating work, it’s important to start by choosing the right site.

There are hundreds out there, and they all offer a slightly different experience.


#1. Be Honest

In order to choose wisely, you’ll need to be very honest with yourself. Think about what you really want – the relationship, the person, the chemistry.

Don’t look for a soul mate based on what your parents would want or what your friends would think is cool. This is an extremely personal journey and it’s your happiness that’s on the line, not theirs.


#2. Define Mr. Right

Your next step is to determine who you want in a date. Are you looking for marriage or at least a committed relationship? Do you want a booty call?


Are you looking for fun light romance or even just a friendship? Understanding the type of relationship you want will make a big difference in your site choice.

#3. Be Detailed

Now that you know what you want from the relationship, sketch out the person you visualize in this relationship. Be as specific as you can; think of hair color, height, weight, occupation, activity level, favorite sports, favorite TV shows, sense of humor, sentimentality, work ethics, money attitudes, religion, politics – everything you can possibly imagine. This exercise is not intended to narrow your options down to dates who match your list exactly.


Rather, describing your ideal mate helps you understand what’s really important to you and what kind of lover you’re most comfortable with. When you meet someone who matches your major wishes, you’ll know right away.

#4. Cost Factor

Next, consider what you’re willing to pay for the online dating services. Costs vary from free to over $100 and the higher levels of services will cost more. Lower cost sites will have more casual browsers than serious daters, but if you’re willing to sift through the rubble, you can still find some gems.


Cost conscious daters may want to start with a free or low cost site to get started in the online scene and perfect your online dating profile. If you feel that online dating is for you, but you’d like a more serious pool of prospects and more help from the website, then you can consider upgrading.

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#5. Ask For Recommendations

Another important dating tip is once you’ve decided the kind of relationship you want, the kind of date you want, and how much you want to pay, you are ready to try an online site. There are several ways to find sites that might match your criteria. For example, you can ask friends whom you trust what sites they would recommend.

Or you can conduct an internet search based on your dating priorities. For example, soccer fans might search for “dating for soccer fans” and find sites dedicated to matching up couples based on their favorite athletic diversion. You can also search for “top 10 dating sites” to see what others judge as the best.

#6. Take Free Trials

When you find one or two that interest you, sign up or take a free trial and look around to see how easy the site is to use, how many services are offered, and how many active members it has.

Sites where people find most success will have lots of active members, will offer the ability to upload several photos, and will provide some advice for building your dating profile. As you look around, you’ll feel more comfortable in some sites than in others. Listen to your gut and pick the site that feels most promising.

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#7. Does The Theme Of The Site Suit You?

Different online dating sites will feature different themes. For example, there are hobby-based sites for music lovers or for country girls which will help you find someone who loves to do what you love to do.

Zodiac Compatibility sites use psychological and personality tests to match up couples. Some sites find dates based on your circumstances, locations and for daters with kids. Other sites focus on cultural matches, such as race, ethnicity or religion.

#8. Take Your Time

Don’t get overwhelmed by the dizzying array of possibilities. Just take your time and keep looking. When you do find one you like, stick with just that one for a while. At most, start with two sites you really love.

You’ll need some time to get used to the site, and once you have your profile up, you’ll need to update it regularly. Stale profiles don’t get picked for contacts. If the site isn’t working for you after a while, feel free to switch or add other sites.

Finding an online dating site is not unlike finding an online date. It takes honesty, careful thought and a little luck, but once you find the one that works for you, sparks will fly!

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