Symbolic Meanings of Nature: An Introduction

Nature Symbolism

Nature provides us with the greatest range of symbolic meanings. The natural environment that surrounds us holds the deepest of meanings regarding who each of us are and the directions that we can take in our lives. These signs and symbols are not limited to flowers and plants, like one might originally think. Messages from these elements of nature certainly speak strongly. Our ever-expanding minds are capable of recognizing much deeper meanings, too.

Nature is the best source of symbolism and values due its inclusive traits and interconnectivity. Nature encompasses all that is in the universe – that’s a pretty big category, don’t you think? All of the information of the natural world and universe runs on a system of networks, all of which lead to the human awareness of them.

Of all of the spiritual networks, nature is the most clean and the most personal. Although it may not always be the easiest to break down and comprehend, natural symbolism surrounds us more than any other type. It conveys symbolism through patterns, color meanings, behavior during the different seasons, and more.


Symbolic Meanings Of Nature

Each object and animal in nature has its own unique identity which resonates with specific energies and wisdom. While all things are fundamentally made up the natural building blocks of the universe – earth element, air element, fire element and water element – each shine brightly with their own character and individuality. Every aspect of nature is indeed united and one, but with their own unique expressions. Humans can interpret symbolism in both the generalities and exclusive features of the elements of nature.

As is the case with any and all nature symbolism, we must train ourselves to be receptive of nature’s messages. Some will speak loudly and blatantly to us, but most will require some introspection and meditation.

Nature wants you to earn the gift of receiving her messages and wisdom – it will not just be given to you. In order to become part of the network mentioned above, we must be able to immerse ourselves into the broad scope of nature. Once we are there, we can begin our spiritual exploration of nature. Leave nothing unturned in this spiritual journey: animals, plants, rivers, seas, storms, the rays of the sun, etc.. You can find meaning in many outlets – you need only practice the craft.

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To receive the deep and symbolic messages that nature has to offer, you must remember that the process goes both ways. We cannot expect freebies. If we want to learn, we must meet Mother Nature on her own terms and on her own turf. Doing this properly and respectfully involves maintaining the right mood, an open mental state, and the giving of due honor.

By demonstrating our commitment to the environment and the true appreciation of Mother Nature’s beauty, we put ourselves one step closer to receiving her great gifts and infinite wisdom. By staying connected to her while remembering our initial reasons for embarking on this quest, we can truly and honestly explore all of the wonders of our beautiful world.

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