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Mayan Galactic Tone 5: Ho – Center

Mayan Name: Ho

Maya Day Number: Five – Overtone

Alternative Galactic Tone Name: Center, Empowerment

Important Keywords:

Keywords they should meditate on are balance, focus, center, courage, stillness, preparation, foundation, and freedom.


Position In Mayan Numerology

The fifth Mayan galactic tone is called Center or Empowerment. It is known as Ho and as the “overtone tone” and the tone of radiance and empowerment.The fifth Mayan galactic tone is called Center or Empowerment.

It brings with it inspiration and empowerment to those that seek to find themselves and their place on earth. It encourages humanity to question their place while also being accepting of who they are.


Positive Traits

People born with the Maya number five energy are intelligent and inspiring. They love to investigate things and will question everything around them.

They know the power that knowledge and wisdom hold and they have a desire to gain all the knowledge they can.


They love to inspire others and can be found in leadership positions where they work. They are good communicators who have a talent for inspiring people. They love to organize and be in charge of projects overseeing all the small details.

They like having their hands in many different things at one time. They can excel in careers involving sales, public speaking, promotion, or politics.


The Mayan galactic tone five are very adventurous and love to travel. They will often switch careers late in life because they need to be free to explore and meet new people. They need to experience life before they can settle on a career.

Once they do settle on a career they will likely be entrepreneurs or work with a partnership. If they work for other people they don’t mind working in the background while still holding some sense of control.

These Mayan day number 5 people make friends with ease because of their outgoing and upbeat personalities. They get along with people from all kinds of backgrounds. Their friends will be supportive and helpful as they work to achieve their goals and climb up the ladder of success.

Negative Traits

The Maya Five day number energy people lack focus and discipline. Their drive for freedom makes them too impulsive. They often start tasks without proper focus and have a hard time completing them.

If their energy is out of balance this can cause problems with substance abuse or sex addiction. If they can find focus and discipline they can be very successful. If they can focus their energy on one area of interest and do the work to learn all they can, the sky is the limit.

Their love of freedom makes it difficult for them to settle down in relationships. Once they find the person who accepts their love of freedom they will remain very loyal. In relationships they love to take charge. It isn’t that they are trying to be controlling, they are just at ease being the one pulling the strings.

This Mayan galactic tone Ho people have many talents and abilities, but in order to gain satisfaction from any of these things they will need to apply hard work and determination to seeing things through. They should not take their time and talents for granted as this could lead to frustration and wasting of their abilities.

Ho / Center Days

Five days are good to focus on being more centered and balanced. Seek out what you would like your foundation in life to be and focus your energy on building from there. Because five energy can be somewhat scattered, it is good to meditate on focus and stability. Ask to be shown your true purpose on this day.

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