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November Symbolism Meaning: Think Change

November Meaning & Symbolism

What does November symbolism mean? November is a tricky month, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. It isn’t easy to dress when you don’t know if it will be sunny or snowy. This month represents the transition from the autumn harvest season to that of winter. This is the month that hosts Thanksgiving in the United States, a day to reap the harvest and celebrate the community’s or family’s collective bounty.


Things You Should Know About November Symbolism

Moreover, symbolically, November seems to represent the final stages of one’s life, with winter being death. However, since all things are reborn in some way or another, November seeks to remind us not to fear the winter season, for spring will follow it.


Similarly, like all others in the Julian and Gregorian calendars, it gets its name from the ancient Romans. November comes from the Latin novem, which means”nine,” as it was the ninth month until January and February were added to the calendar. As such, much of this month’s symbolic meaning is associated with that number.

November Symbolism Spiritual Meaning

What does November symbolism mean spiritually? Life is constantly changing; thus, it would be excellent to think of change and embrace it to have a more fruitful life. Indeed, change is just part of life, and you need to anticipate and accommodate it when it finally arrives to reduce any adverse results in your life.


Again, November symbolism meaning indicates that you may not like change heading in your direction, but you need to respond to it positively to better your life. So, you need to find out better ways to adapt, view change, and accept it to better your life. Again, do not watch as things happen but get involved and become the change initiator.

Additionally, the meaning of November symbolism shows that it would be wise to boost your emotional intelligence during a moment of transition. Do not allow emotions to cloud your mind but try to relax and think more objectively. So whatever situation is unsettling, try to manage your reactions. However, do not suppress your feelings but try to express them nicely. For instance, you can talk to a trusted friend or loved one about how the thought of change makes you uncomfortable.


November Symbolism Dream Meaning

The November power month implies that it would be brilliant to think about the future and have a list of goals for yourself. It is one of the realistic ways of anticipating the planning for change more effectively. Do not aim for perfection but try to stay busy in fine-tuning your strategies to harvest big from every opportunity.

What does the month of November Symbolize? Learn to accommodate random changes in life by becoming more flexible, and you will be more productive. Furthermore, being more adaptive will allow you to manage all your work more efficiently and stress-free.

Chilly November Meaning

November month means that you need to identify your key strengths and use them to maximize your potential on the eve of change to better your life. Thwart anything that seems to arrest your progress in life. Moreover, try to work on your areas of weakness to improve your achievements even in difficult transitions.

If you keep seeing November meaning always be calm to keep a clear, positive, and objective mindset during unsettling moments. Try to find ways to make change work for you or reduce its frustrating effect on your life. Indeed, it would help if you view change as a new adventure to trick your mind into responding and adjusting creatively.


November Numerology Symbolism

The original placement of November month as the ninth month does not go without strong attachments to the symbolism of this number. “Nine” is said to be the number of knowledge and wisdom. It was thought to be an unlucky number as it was one less than the number 10.

Besides, number 9 is also thought to be a spiritual number of completion that symbolizes life after death. It deals with alchemy and a higher level of consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. Thus the symbolic meaning of nine also influences your status and standing. This is a firm number that helps you make a difference in this world.

However, as the eleventh month, November has a slightly different symbolic value. The number one is indicative of a new beginning to a journey, and “eleven” doubles this. We can apply this to our own lives during this time of year, as it brings the end of autumn and the start of the cold, dark winter.

Facts About November Symbolism

Topaz Symbolic Meaning

The birthstone for those born in November is the topaz. The yellow variety seems to be the most commonly accepted specificity of the stone. This beautiful gem could serve to remind us that the light will return after the impending winter ahead of us. The bright color acts as a much-needed pick-me-up. Additionally, the gem is known as a symbol of the importance of maintaining our important friendships.

Zodiac Signs Symbolism For November

Individuals born in November can be one of two Zodiac signs. These are the Scorpio or Sagittarius.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Scorpios take up the breadth of the month, ending on November 21st. These people are strong-willed and self-motivated. They know how to get tasks done to reach their goals and inspire this quality in their family and friends. Please do not take offense, for they only mean well. However, Scorpios are also known to be transient and a bit flighty, so you must reciprocate the favor of focusing on them sometimes.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Did you know that people born on November 22nd fall under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius? These individuals are philosophically driven intellectuals. Their seemingly never-ending optimism is contagious, and they always seem to find the light in the dark. Perhaps this is because of the weather conditions when they are born.

Sagittarians also love to experiment to enhance themselves. They can provide a little jumpstart to those who fear stepping outside of the box. Like other months, November has its own special and unique symbolism, all while tying itself into the grand plan of the seasons.

November Symbolism Summary

In a nutshell, the November symbolism reminds you that you do not like trying to accept it anyhow and pick vital lessons to be your life when you face a change. Besides, it would be best if you kept adjusting yourself to make the opportunity more comfortable.

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