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Roman God Mars Symbolic Of March

Like many of the other months, March is named after a Roman god, Mars. As the god of war, the Romans depended on him to expand their empire. They idolized the concepts of conquest and heroism in battle as they fought mercilessly for their emperor.

Thus it makes sense that this particular god would be of such great importance to them. He was the ultimate icon of patriotism and heroic actions. But why is this month in particular named after Roman God Mars? It’s simple: March (or “Martius”, to the Romans) was the first month in their calendar.

As a highly revered god, it makes sense that he should come first. The geographic regions of the vast Roman empire would be stepping into spring at this time of the year. As such, they took the time to honor one of their mightiest gods during a time of new season and new life.

Mars, however, was not always the war-faring deity. Originally, he was the governor of fertility and agriculture This, in theory, should be even more important than war, as it is what would sustain the population.


Symbolic Meaning Of March

In his former glory, Mars controlled the new growth and life that occurred during spring. He also encouraged both animals and people to procreate during this time. So, no matter which way you choose to look at Mars, it is apparent that this month is the perfect fit for him.

In addition to new life, the month of March also speaks to our sappier and spiritual sides. Spring kicks into gear around this time. As spring rapidly approaches, this month and its physical conditions encourage our hearts to reignite and become warm once more after the winter season.

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The meaning of this March symbolism also aims to liven up our consciousness after it has been in somewhat of a repose for the cold months.

All-in-all, March is the queen of jumpstarting our momentum for the new season, and the most common symbols of this month emulate that theme.

Trees Associated With March

Ash Tree

Like other months, March has a couple of trees that are connected to it. The ash is one such tree. Known for the strong resilience of its wood, the ash tree has been used to create tools and even sacred items throughout history. It is an industrious wood that has the potential to grow remarkably large.

Its size and stability conveys to us a sense of strength, determination, and great knowledge. Ancient groups such as the Norse and Celts saw similar qualities and channeled the energies of this tree to strengthen their spirits and will-power.

Alder Tree

The alder is another tree that is believed to symbolize the month of March. As a protective tree, it symbolizes the protection that occurs both personally and in nature during this transitional month. This alder tree grows in wet environments, symbolizing change, emotion, and movement.


It serves to remind us that we must remain flexible, open, and receptive during this time, all while being mindful of our core values. While preparing for changes, it is important to stay true to ourselves in matters of love, finances, family, health, and spirituality.

Flowers Associated With March


Plants and flowers also have ties to specific months, particularly when you think of when they flourish and bloom. However, many flowers can begin to bloom a bit prematurely at the start of spring in March. The daffodil’s association with March goes beyond basic timing. These flowers have historically been viewed as speakers of trust, honesty, forgiveness, and love.

With the impending arrival of spring, this flower tells the observer to let go of any negativity that may be lingering from the winter and start off on a bright new journey.



Shamrocks, most prominently in Ireland, are also associated with this month. As the symbol of St. Patrick (and thus, St. Patrick’s Day), shamrocks are a great symbol of March. Like St. Patrick and the Irish in general, shamrocks can endure extreme conditions and overcome challenges – they are survivors. Like the god Mars (mentioned-above), shamrocks (and March) symbolize a fierce will-power.

Animals Associated With March


There is even an animal associated with this springy month. Rabbits and hares are observed to have extremely heightened libidos during this time. Feeling the nearing call of spring, these creatures engage in rigorous sexual activity in a “celebration of life”, if you will.

In this way, then, rabbits make March a fertile month and further the themes of new life, new beginnings, growth, and change.

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