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James Zadroga

Birthday :

February 8, 1971

Died On :

January 5, 2006

Also Known For :

Police officer

Birth Place :

North Arlington, New Jersey, United States of America

Zodiac Sign :


Chinese Zodiac :


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Recalled as an America hero of his time, James Zadroga left a legacy of a daring soul and service to all.  He served as the New York police detective and was among the active servicemen during the World Trade Centre attack. Claimed that it was a terrorist attack and they furthered their roots and hijacked four US planes. The ambush brought forth to war against Afghanistan illegal rulers including the al Qaeda. Zadroga was first in line together with his team for rescue and cleanup operation. With the ongoing rescue mission, thousands experienced severe respiratory upset due to toxic exposure. Sadly, James was the victim.

After the Impact

After the ambush, Zadroga and other established officers put their safety first. With time not being on their side, they did their best to put every living thing to safety. It was incredible how they saw other people’s realization before their own. That is to say that over 30,000 people got rescued.

The evacuation process carried on, and the South Tower structure allegedly fell. As a result, there was a considerable impact from the vicinity due to the spread of the fire. After some time, the North structure Tower followed with the same intensity. It was scattering moment for the US and world at large. The result was 71 officers, 350 Fire Department members and 2,900 civilians lost their lives.

James Zadroga and his team spent over a week at the World Trade Centre. In 2001 he received the NY City Police Detective label.

After a short episode, James physical health started to fail. He developed breathing problems, severe cough, and acid reflux. It happened that in 2002 he tried to report his fading case, but the NY department disagreed with his sentiments.


Death & Legacy

After a few weeks of trying to recuperate, James Zadora’s health showed the red light signs from afar. It happened that during the rescuing process, he spent over 470 hours or slightly 20 days digging across odds and ends. In the process, he inhaled toxic gases. Soon it became apparent that James Zadroga health was at dire stake. It went to a point where it was compulsory for him to use oxygen tanks to draw in a quick breath. He also required medication to up his immune.

In 2003 detective James’s health deteriorated. In this case, he was handed out an approximate of 80% disability allowance. The income loss also drained his pockets. On the contrary, his failing health didn’t prove any seen diagnosis from the doctors. Around 2004, the acclaimed detective was diagnosed with a Lung Disease due to prolong respiratory decline. Unfortunately, he breathed his last on 6th January 2006. He left behind a four-year-old daughter and his biological parents, Linda Zadroga and Joe Zadroga.

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