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Roy Scheider

Birthday :

November 10, 1932

Birth Place :

Orange, New Jersey, United States of America

Zodiac Sign :


The lean and tall looking Roy Scheider had to pass through tough lanes before embracing his success. In 1971 Roy emerged from the shadow of Gene Heckman to the White shirk man in 1975.The unique and distinguished thing about him was that he was an all-star Hollywood actor. His major vital motions included The French Connection, Clute, Jaws 1 and 2 and finally All That Jazz. As the list demonstrates, Scheider displayed a versatile persona. Scorpio men will never lack a story to tell behind their fame. He established the career that led him to carry one project to the next.

Childhood And Early Life

On 10th November 1932, Roy Scheider was born in New Jersey, Orange, United States. His mother Anna Scheider was an Irish Catholic and his father, Roy Bernhard was a professional mechanic. Young Scheider used to spend his day in fields; he loved sports like baseball and boxing. His weight 140lb made him win the welterweight category. From 1946 to 1949 Roy took boxing as his first career that he ended up in the Diamond Gloves Boxing Tournament. When it comes to academic, Scheider went to Columbia High School in Maplewood in New Jersey.

During his high school studies, Scheider used to participate in several drama roles. That’s where he forgot about his passion for boxing and considered acting as his ladder to fame. He went ahead and joined Rutgers University and Franklin and Marshall College where he became a Phi Kapa Psi member. He after that went to join the US Air Force and served for three years term. He ascended to the rank of first lieutenant. He then returned to Franklin and Marshall where he performed in Shakespeare Richard III drama.



In New York Scheider appeared Romeo and Juliet that brought him positive remark. He followed it up with Curse of the Living Corpse in 1963. Additional film roles followed, but his breakthrough came in 1971. He took part in The French Connection film as Buddy Russo. An additional role was seen in The Seven-Ups film in 1973.In 1975 Roy branched out with romantic films such as Sheila Levine is Dead and Living in New York. When he thought that he had failed due to negative critics, his friend Steven Spielberg came into rescue. In a lot of ways, he materialized and rocked the blockbuster shocker named us Jaws in 1975.After the release, his fame proliferated and later an All That Jazz movie was evoked in 1979.In the middle of the release, Roy chalked up a leading role series in Hitchcock Ian and The Last Embrace in 1979.Early in 1982, Roy launched the Robert Benton Still of the Night.

From 1980 to 1990s Scheider choose an active life where he ranged from inspired movies ‘The Russia House’ to a frightful film ‘The Men’s Club in 1986.Later in his late career, the thespian proved his active craft by delivering the ever seen work. In 1991 he starred in the Naked Lunch and The Myth of Fingerprints in 1997.In the mid of 1990s, Scheider embarked on television career for the first time. He plated a regular role as Captain Nathan in ‘Sea Quest DSV.' He continued to tackle roles such as Red Serpent, Time Lapse and The Poet in 2007. Roy also voiced several films such as Family Guy.In 2006 Scheider narrated and created the Jaw’s documentary in ‘The Shark is Still Working.'


Awards And Achievements

Various awards showcased Roy's great talent where he was given before he retired. In 1985 Roy won the Lifetime Achievement Award in Massachusetts. In his forty years of sweat and fun, Scheider was honored twice with an Academy Award and one Golden Globe Award. The same year he received BAFTA nomination.


Personal Life And Legacy

Roy Scheider married twice in his life. In 1962 he married Cynthia Bebout, and they had a daughter called Maximillia. In 1986 they parted way. He later married Brenda Siemer in 1989, and the couple was blessed with a son named, Christian. They later adopted a second baby called Molly. They married till when he breathed his last in 2008. The results of his death was due to multiple myeloma or cancer of white blood cells. He died on February 10; 2008. His biography which included his essays, narration, and reviews about his life was later released in his honor.

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